The Answer is Always C 9-26-17

Tuesday, September 26th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "The Answer Is Always C" to give away tickets to see Janet Jackson:


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6:5 PM my time for our favorite contest it's so easy it's called the answer is always seen. It up for grabs him you can see Janet Jackson she's going to be at the gold ones and our next Tuesday and does Sylvia's on of this is putting the money so beyond. All right we ready to blank. All right let's get our. Officially answers OC music getting. It's suspenseful or it is really hard game super hard I know I never went so I know you're paying attention. Nothing. Police were called to a residential houses in Tennessee after neighbors reported that feet. His ball bloody crushed to body her a bloody crushing body at that. Under his garage door. What cops actually found why is eight his wife's body and make. Be a burglars body paint feet Halloween decoration. Or indeed just a pile of laundry. Yeah. Early so yeah yeah it's a tricky time of year is murder. Or is it just good old fashion Halloween fun we'll never know sometimes it. Believe. Not meg has died at the age of 32 why. Now and let's not make not a I east not Megan was known as the world's oldest living. Day goldfish. These dogs. He tracked. Or. I. Press at times. Hey did dad I didn't need it. Q4 and I was a little confused and it's all right I think today he sent an app right got it can. You may need that may 32 years old I feel like I caption under that banner year. You don't know what kind of condition not meg not an ideal. I have seen a twenty year old cat and that twenty year old cat looked like it was already dead and somehow go watch I can't imagine what 112 years for me. Bat point Loma. McEnroe I can't squeak to a sixteen in Seattle. The asked this week was gross she was really got us by god blasts are right now we're good answers always see Amylin could call. The national restaurant chain via. I tally and catch him. This guided the day way to welcome. Fall this year with a special treat okay are they now sell OK so wash filled ravioli. Beat apple garlic bread it okay he. Pumpkin sliced pizza. Port deal lasagna stuff with the dead leaves this is dead and get agent until. I said that's a good point. I would try that I try it but it's not good I heard it described yesterday and I was like that doesn't sound. Terrible. It does dads and you say Republicans by speed that it sounds bad but if I say this. That it's Joseph pumpkin pie filling not mag. We're not made Tom. Well and amended and mozzarella cheese then. It that. All right yeah I only that sound that bad okay IDF is always Selig you've got a little more. True more. I DC area power company called pac Kyle. Accidentally received a letter from an eight year old girl who was trying to send a letter to cull. The power company responded to the letter by eighth. Finally restraining order when why how wanna be giving the girl freezer full of copper wire. See buying the girl the hamster she was looking. Or indeed crumbling up the letter and doing enough soon. My dad. So sweet it is able to go are what so can the company is cut the power company a power company. That's closely OK last for a while there's more and more. LL bean. Is your mom's favorite brand. LLC and she goes out. Is are running a full page ads in newspapers. That is part of their campaign to get people outside. You can only see the ad if you can't pay. Rubbed in free range dirt. V soaked in artisan salt water in fi viewed in pure sunlight. Or. Sit. I've restaurant papers do you open the paper that it says like that looks like the blank beep hey. Lazy day shift yeah everybody loves god that didn't say anything this is blank piece of paper. No regard side that I don't know. I don't know. It's LL being. So who cares. Like it clearly you don't have to go outside event and I've written. I didn't newspaper Arab audience. Follow Soviet congratulations. You go dalliances writes we're gonna Cindy C Jimmy Jackson golden once and next Tuesday congratulations. Yeah. And fixed idea and.