Anti-Barking Device

Wednesday, November 1st

Gavin has new neighbors behind him and they have a dog that barks every night in the backyard, Gavin wants an anti-barking device but Katie and Rayne has a major problem with it: 


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Is it as you how's he does this a few weeks ago and now he has an issue always isn't neighbor's barking dog shared joke well we talked about this last. Gavin got a suggestion from a wake up call listener on how to fix the problem. Well as the suggestion Gannon will get to that quick back story as we move into this new house and the people who live right behind us. Right at bedtime baby bed time so like from seven to nine bag when I say baby I mean my baby and I mean me till I read. Dog goes outside in to their backyard and it's just a solid bark fast for two hours and it's a big dog and act. The suggestion that I got from a listener. Was that I invest in something called. The whole island is still anti barking device and then they sent me a link to get it on Amazon. And it apparently I mean I've never lived through the dogs I don't know anything about the dog world outside of like I can recognize the dog since. It seems shocking legal confused. By god yeah. I'm a tech guy anyway. This device though apparently emits a high frequency. That prevents dogs from barking and I thought well I'm. This is great I should buy it. Put it on the other end of my fence and then every night 655. I'll go out there and turn it on and then. That dog Bo the dog outside but I'll but it won't bark because this thing. Also saw what it really means a solid it collar guy intake bark collar it's just like a box yes that you would put on your sense yes okay. I mean it's obviously doing something until the dog and need to because these are mystical creatures TL. You don't know what that is so you don't know what it's doing to make the dogs not barking number one number still a dock and parking is is a dog being a dog. So it's humbling you know worst years stopping him from doing just his normal thing as opposed still. I don't now. Current owner yellow chick can't. Oh yeah once you do that how does that conversation go as to dog owners yourself. How does that go the first time you met me it's me going like. Hey could you not put your dog outside anymore when I what did you start by introducing yourself right. And he wore pink and neighbor and hit it rained for accuracy this is this how ago. Hi my name's DeVon I live right behind jewel I'm Leo and not my wife the teacher we've got two wonderful boy let's stop by the way what model is this do you like living in this new neighborhood. Bring cookies and I'll bring them cookies certainly help. Answer your question is. Some the dugout and her. It's not a one size fits all everybody loses their mind infused point out that their dog is barking. A lot of people they get called out on something their goats do is to be kind of embarrassed so they need. Well sort of lean towards. Okay and since then somebody is saying and we depends and a first but I bet they'll start bringing bad dog and mark but I bet if somebody did this year can you beep yeah. Slash Soviet attack since 739 sing Gavin it's gonna hurt the cats to like the little device I don't understand how cool because it's a high frequency. And let's in Gavin what's stopping yield is you say you don't have a fence appealed you do the right I was OK so what did you go to the fence. At C what time 7 o'clock. 5 o'clock starts at 7:7. O'clock every night go over to offense in just start yelling at the dog. Are you part of the. All of that's not a bad idea and I'm not above bad. Google her cat tears are bagged your cat will you still deal. Even hurt my cat's ear isn't it if it. I bet your cats the same way that it would've been the stock to make them not. Like upsets them will you do I would immediately stop. Ever heard my cats like. During anyone Cano then tell me don't shouldn't be punished. Eight. And I should punish then the people that is not what I can what are we get asked why don't Gavin once she'd take a few seconds. And if you add the opportunity to yell just that the dog. If he had the dog start barking and again how do you do it Gavin yells for you at the dog what would that sound like to get the point across the dog until the dog to be quiet they would just feel like that's. I don't I don't think your words don't hear barking and you probably think all along that it yeah I don't would you say it would just go there. Chrysler now under. The clover and have a light and I think the people you know until you should and should not sure how. All I can tell that laid it got to get on the line you Maine I'll get on the new value. And fixed idea and.