Are You Smarter Than Katie? 11-2-16

Wednesday, November 2nd

The Wake Up Call play another round of “Are You Smarter than Katie” for tickets to Kanye West...


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I feel bad for her husband. Then maybe. Believe I'm question quiz find out if you have. Has this question. Well and K runs and a season the way too long your dry it's a mess so I'll gladly. Very good morning my name because they understand you humor billing. For an H back company and yes. Dream blunt here acronym that hasn't neither is heating and air conditioning yeah truthful nobody's. I face a major back means heating vs air conditioning yes yes and we season it is. One will win are so you don't find questions get more I think he you'll win you'll be units the essence part of an Katie. And you Tonya take its British Open up this month of weeks away the people months and are you ready. Yes I'm ready content. Question one. At a minimum how many elect coral votes does a candidate needs. To obtain. The presidency of the United States. You 130 killed. Question number two. Sisters Nicky and breeding were part ZT show total demons. But this year they just got their own shots and spin off they used their last name in the title the first show told divas this one's called total blank. I have no idea who don't know if trio put out good for you for not knowing now married hope that it just. I hear Christopher three. You know people talk about nukes. In the best server nuclear weapons. Spell nuclear. And you'd be LE a. Aaron through an X one on question number. Four special report this weekend we change the clocks by an hour which direction we change them. And question number five. Life. As soon as that figure was what initial loving US president was elected to four consecutive terms. Three seconds to one I think. JFK okay. Okay. Me. Hey how many did she care right here Xeon two rights. To turn right and she does billing. So she's really good with numbers salute. Began eight thank attire let's see how Katie does have the same exact questions Atari Smart linkage of 300 jets built. She gets you moving. Get your answers from them and that's kind of disaster that I was like yes our question number one gate fast at a minimum. How many electoral votes does a candidate needs to obtain. The win as president of United States. 41 flat out they both got that incorrect the correct answer is. To 7270. That's a most and I. Anybody has been paying attention to the news in the last week would know that he. You guys knew that without looking it up yet death in quite there yet because they've all been called the race to 217. Next. All right let's get back into your ballpark any kind of pressure tale sisters Nicky and breathe we're part of the issue of tunnel divas but they got their own show and use their last name in the title. One was called total demons this one blasting an internal shows a total blank. The hell knows where guys are total tailers know it's so close really from the balance like it's hurt us at all. Well fans of hers was involved and I was and actually I moved and Iraq. That's just I don't know that it means at any of that means you've never watched that trade directly why should he is the networks you know. And I know he'll be dozens but I don't know what the total demons inside though women of the WW lean they have what I know that so. Like I don't know any of their name I've ever seen Michelle I let him know about it and. It's impossible. Tennis I've asked my cemetery. Spelled correctly spell nuclear lights shortened. You wouldn't see well. Eat all I. You both got that right that's. Yeah a lot of people has apparently one of the most commonly misspelled words into if I can spell it. Have not been pretty and we need answered quite on this one so god gambler dance around. We're taking your first guest this weekend we change the clocks by an hour what direction we change them. She's been study. I'm kind of commie bastard out of your. Generated as a question you're all tied up guy you need this win global editor. Question five light initial loving US president was elected to four consecutive terms. Three seconds LBJ. That is in. Her. Still loving you did to me like his initial all. Yeah they had different answers FDR. That's what I meant big SJ FK who I believe didn't even make it through one term no I didn't sadly now currently LBJ needed a second term. Regardless you ask. Be it jet sized cell we have high correct. The time all right so here now I or tie breaker Leslie can play or you can pass if you playing. You get to. Guessed correctly and they get to answer a question to pass decay. I supplied as a player has applied. At play like like karaoke every down. Tiebreaker. While most of Arizona doesn't do daylight savings time only one US state completely doesn't do it guy. Only one seed doesn't do dealers in times at all. We stayed is that Alaska. Yeah. It's YEY. Yeah and. I do and kind gave tickets so low clone. Opinions anyway I think he had taken here. Then I. I. As his serve again I would say I can't prove that he cheated or got treated I I don't I now. 003. OK I you're gonna tiny anyway yeah will have to give you handwritten instructions in crayon disease called one center. Well November 19 he will be there and thanks for less in the wake of causes and yeah I'm for listing are you Smart thing Katy no you're not old you have got that wrong and seriously asked you by. Because every single week. Congratulations Katie you did it. At least is K okay that's the real victory today but that's okay Terry Hubert happened.