Are You Smarter Than Katie? 12-21-16

Wednesday, December 21st

The Wake Up Call play another round of “Are You Smarter than Katie?”...

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Good thing you know I feel bad for her it's are you smarter than KD I. Trained and in doing well. The name. News I. Much better than they rehearsals. Because there Zach good morning. Aren't you as a last arias smarting video of the year and I think Kevin did a decent job IEA fully expected far worse. Thought that all. Also there update here early Merry Christmas form from him two years even think this and I love. I think here's video we're gonna give you five questions taker right Iran after hitting goes in VMware right there you can see ads in the air. I was smarter than Katie are you ready. Question number one I think these are all pretty easy today you can't question number one. How do you say Merry Christmas and Spanish. He's got a question number killed in the book how the grinch stole Christmas the grinch meets Cindy Lou who. How old is sending him before yes maybe hand there's only two possible answers. Why they think UK question number. Three Veronica starts on the 25 what's the name of the thing that holds the Chanukah candles. I had no idea intact. Question number four. In the 1980s. Iran in the 1980s rap legends run DMC they released a song called Christmas in Hollis if you're gonna spend Christmas in Hollis what state would you be and right all right if you're gonna spend Christmas in Hollis let's take would you be and California today. And question number five when December 25 all sunny Tuesday Horry Thursday what celebration takes place the night before. Parents are OK come on over. Mine over. She outlined. She got to you've got to right now and says she is on sale tomorrow to write to wrap up there pretty easy but we will see how well. How well you do I'm not let me have my chair you know however Burris tailed by I mean we all know about it but at ten sitting in for Gavin majorities make you funny. Like as you. Your brain two are you are blamed that wow mountains county yeah our student. Yeah. Now the Big Ten. Oh believe that too far. Okay let's see your hair smarter heads there around and Sarah by the way even tell him your profession. Sarin is the queen of Sasser in Sacramento and you know I don't know. Now all out there Terry had to write Alessio Katie doesn't tell if you go crazy and eaten tonight. It's every Smart and Katie you're on the wakeup call on question one had to use a simple. How do you say Merry Christmas and Spanish. Now you both on the question number two in the book how the grinch stole Christmas the grinch meets Cindy Lou I don't know how old is sending out hints there's only two possible answers. She's never seen it. Let's say guys I talk about this about the boom guess nine years old and losing track. Is she the guy in the book it says he turnaround fast and he saw a small group little Cindy Lou who. Who is not more than two. And they'll think you're moving yeah as you don't like question number number three. If he kids in there that literally can't really can't think canned meat lines I commissioner three how to get starts on the 25 what's the name of the finger holds the Chanukah candles. But not. The right side. I don't know not my holiday not let people not my parents against Lisa ranked us. Yeah I yes she had no idea I can't get one more right you went I don't blame and we will hope you don't get one more yeah. I had been you know having anything I mean I ain't got bit oh hold them like governor does have the ability I would like yeah baby yeah. OK and we can nonsense. Katie in the 1980s. Rap legends run DMC releases song called Christmas in Hollis. If you are spending Christmas in Hollis what state would you be and New York you're always she got it. It is. I even though I did. He's your guy hey I need it's you at all it's christmastime and Hollis queens queens is in the yard and the bad. I'm sorry Sarah squeezed past are are you. Are you started locating. Yeah now in the last question by the way for anyone who missed it I screwed your Christmas probably know that did you worry giver something innocent. I'm clouds and from the staff. And the. I don't cycle back in Erie and lose. Leave. And thank and in his last question when December 25 balls on Tuesday or Thursday what's celebration takes place the night before. I'm. Two news saying or Thursday. So good on Tuesday. Know that it would be a Monday re yeah and that it's a Thursday it's a Wednesday. Seek a confused by that. Christmas Eve is the correct answer Christmas here. When December 25 on Tuesday or Thursday or Monday and in decent songs you know I got me she she got there. Brian. Now that Ash Wednesday and. I oh my god I'm glad that worked on someone to hate when entered questions is all yeah. Hey I congratulations. Who prefer playing in one since he stumped any MLS when even they and that's one of the case there were to send you. To see white Christmas on a Tuesday December 27 thanks Tuesday as segment of community theater cell enjoy. Not much and thank you for listening to wake up.