Are You Smarter Than Katie? 2-23-18

Friday, February 23rd

Listeners battle it out for 240 dollars on today's Are You Smarter Than Katie!


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Indiana she's confident it would make you feel better. Let me copy that's a dumb question it's. Smarter then you have not smarter than. Use market. Beat daily five question trivia game you vs Katy in a battle of the brains to find out the answer to the question. And so we couple weeks ago we change the rules around and are you Smart than Canadians now every morning at 710. And we had twenty dollars to the jackpot every day that Katie wins today's jackpot. 240. Dollars. I now amaze that's not a mistake not an air. Think he is record is twelve and one can she make it thirteen and one. We're gonna find out in Sherry is going to see if she can take on the wind today Sherri good morning. Good morning caught eight clearing. Yeah and being battle okay let's do here let's adjourn now awful turn now that out. Wouldn't it better and fantastic Jerry what do you do anything. I'm a teacher oh boy okay. I and ninety say where your preschool teacher asked. So I'm Aaron learning a prequel or went back a minute ago the ice. Well you win the 240 dollars today you can teach the kids that have a couple of days ago teaching you. Handle the money though it's it's dirty and nothing nothing's yeah yeah we didn't do it at that. We have five questions you just got to get more rights in Cady and we have a new rule and argue Smart I think Katy if you tie it Katie gets the win okay. Okay ready to go out. Great. Question number one there who were Graham opened in 1936. It is in the black canyon of the Colorado River. And on the border of what to a US states. Present and you try and thank you. Aren't questionable took. Actor Chris Tucker confirmed that he is reprising his role of LAPD detective James Carter in the upcoming rush hour four. The actor that played his costar in the previous three movies. Turn in the. Which cemetery in sauerkraut. Is made from what finally cut vegetable. It. What's your report. With one tweet on Thursday. Kylie Jenner white doubt one point three billion dollars of snap chats stock market value because the latest update is getting blowback from users. Snap chats stock market IPO was launched back in March 2017. What does IPO mean. Oh. Her oh boy. It cooled. Math and the Internet. Provider. Operation. There. A course of five if the speed limit on AD. Is seventy miles per hour without stopping call far would you drive in three hours. 210 miles. It. Had a year I'm sorry you don't need to share. Hi I'm Mary 88 grade school and. He. It's ours aren't serious campaign playing for 240. Dollars today kiddies record is twelve and one and if you'd like to watch are you smarter than Katie live. We are up right now on in Stew Gramm line which thrown us a follow a few of a second act and it. 1065 Katie ready to go I thinks Friday edition of are you smarter thing Katie question number one the Hoover Dam opened in 1936. It is in the black canyon of the Colorado River and on the border of what's to US states. I miss saying. Now back and Colorado. Him. In Nevada Utah and Texas which do not touch. I Nevada and Arizona. Yeah. Bush ever till. Actor Chris Tucker confirmed he's reprising his role of LAPD detective shower for being good. What's the actor that played his costar in the previous three movies Jackie Chan. Hong Kong police detective inspector Lee. It was Jackie sheen's tenth also true true story. Most people 90% of America were not aware rush hour three existed. Or not that's not really around now I question everything sauerkraut. Is made from what finally cut vegetable. Why can't each. Judges out of the. Oh there or did she saving a white cat what about Iran and. Who knows like I don't even look there's purple cabbage and might cattle. I'll like okay Guerrier got quite go. OK let for our customer for. With one tweet on Thursday Kylie Jenner wiped out one point three billion dollars. A snap chats stock market value because the latest update is getting blowback from users. Cent chance the stock market IPO was launched back in March 2017. His IPO ST in four. Investments. No stopping it. I he. I amen. I'm probably a student. Jerry loved. She's an Internet provider operations. And on trial. Still I think that's. Tapers up I get an idea that there had not agreed to enter. Initial public offering. Now. That's our customer five and if the speed limit ought eighty is seventy miles per hour. Without stopping. How far would you drive in three hours. Okay. Am. Three hour. God and okay. And didn't. Eat. Saturday nine you. Want twirling your parents all the hard right. So I I this very EU ties her yes you time and all that time. Go to came legal limbo before wake up call listeners lose their mind Gavin did not give his traditional race act tents so he didn't give you a lot longer. I I know I'm just saying because someone's gonna say something so yes we know Gavin didn't do his traditional countdown blacks unfortunately. You guys tied it. In the new rule are smarting PD this tie is gonna TDs and Katie is our way. I'm just so good about it. Well eighty. I just got about a Sherri it's a win I can't. He celebrate several 160 dollars this is. Getting. I'm not on the and he. Adding twenty dollars to it will be back Monday at 710. With 260. Dollars as the jackpot for RE Smart adding TD. And now the record of thirteen and wide net. Excellent job Keating thank you know dined Sherry I'm so sorry I want to go and tell everybody what we already know. ED I. Wake up call.