Are You Smarter Than Katie 3-1-17

Wednesday, March 1st

A listener competes against Katie during this week's "Are You Smarter Than Katie?":

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I don't feel bad for her husband. So are you smarter than maybe I'll. Question remains the same car. K and today means we ask that question. Kelly good morning. And how are you. Kind of president. Hang in a darn thing in his. Weather's nice and hey guys all talk aside let's do this and find out if you're smarter than Katie and give you five questions. Take your right or wrong after Kenny Goss and in the end to give more rights inherent UN builders say proudly yes yes I am department came south. Kind of semi related CIA you wary medical staffing companies something you do something that you staff apple OK so if you ransom and staffed. Contact. Kelli give yourself on number I'm getting company that don't Gerri question number number ones. Here on the way to call. Worse. Even asked words is the oral form of the word word. Spell the word to floral. He. I question number two I hope you're a fan of the enemy any acts like cartoons on the enemy acts the three main characters. Where the Warner Bros. their names where I yank go whacko and what's. All right now in his. Question number. Three big family had a question three if you're learning about something called O rom this. What typical high school class he's taken. Yeah. Question number four it was a big you know room he's got messed up at the Oscars but in the end moonlight won best picture and a stone won best actress. But who won best actor. A question number five. Baseball spring training underway as they disable negotiate giants spring training game. What speech would you have to go visit and hint it's not California. There's. I care. A are we scared Katie. Katie at she's got sensory problems yeah and that is always too loud for her knee pain in just wasn't. Happens every week I just wasn't expecting it happens everywhere. Why would you expect it just seems. She's Smart. This in China or write yet yes or no do you digger Jarrius for Reagan said and but Blake species and medical staffing person sent every as far as Michelle and she said when you get fired OK she'd never hire you. I'm just so rude I thought I noon to leave there I'm not qualified so we have a big that we know that's not a match I'll be there a couple of well. Are readying yeah I'm ready readout. But again GF four out of five right. Question number wine. Words. With a password loses the plural form of the word word. Spell plural. And he animal. You are hey Al. And from myself under the bus here math I didn't know that this week's cabinet how merely. It has felt I was struggling like you when you believe it was crazy as I CL AU linked Google. Well he could have yeah this thing not that's not where intelligence on our. Talking to push invented Google. I question number here. On the and a maniacs do the three main characters were the Warner Bros. their names were yak go whacko and want. Don. Hey it's time Laura and me ax. Amy do though and aren't that much count on them. There and. Yeah next bellies and Netflix now. Do you miss and so much mr. and so much RI CC Acadia their right here on your way through a police say 55. Ideas mr. Wright I if you're learning about something called around us was typical high school class he'd taken. London three seconds geometry. OK okay. The top of the circle now. Administrative diamonds are true or false question isn't Robb is a circle circle lower. Their normal was around this is eight anytime or did they know about the united it's like this I can describe it. Like it quite as Clinton holds no kidding county yeah it's any parallel Graham which equals lengths of sides adjacent that narrows it down for now. And I and I know what you're saying what's a parallel agreement. Nice to send messages on imports no number and anyway I'm just Google yeah yeah we're brains come from Macomb and become. Snags. Because she's in redemption and so Ron going to be left question number four moonlight when best picture after all that stuff Emma Stone won best actress who won best actress here at the Oscars. Me to best actor you know they found out. Not in the Washington him. In your wheel house it was Casey Affleck he knew that hole I don't think they knew that Casey Affleck yeah yeah. Nice job likes him and I don't know why yes Microsoft charged at all. The big starlight and I know that you have here's a little bit of you know yeah Kelly from you know our contest and we are talking about a last week. It's crazy kite Tom for allegations at least. Allegations or something and they'll last question get this right die if not used. Questioner five baseball spring training is underway in new if you wanted to see this campus the giants and I play as spring training game once he would get to visit hint it's not in California. Implored. Him. It. The state of euphoria no Arizona she and a right cameras and loan. That almost sure when he of the other teams when I lose himself and sounds Lou it's time they have let him. Is playing and knowing. Yeah congratulations. And that's graduates I'm gonna ask you this is very important question mannered you know your answer Bristol funded dale. Are you smarter then Katie it's hard to tell sons I thought well hang on here in Erie Katie was talking over W this is. And in this I am sorry we've had a hair. She runs the medical spending opening night you were just talking like Don are you Smart thinking any. Great call 16 by the end.