Are You Smarter Than Katie 3-13-18

Tuesday, March 13th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Are You Smarter Than Katie" to give away $100: 


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Any she's confident it would make you feel better. Let me she's okay that's a dumb question and smarter then you have not smarter than. Are you. Use market. Read daily fun question trivia game and U verse is Katie in a battle all the brains to find out the answer to that question. Our. You need today's jackpot 100 dollars and she's going former twentieth. Victory and we'll see if Kelly from Lincoln. Can take her down good morning Kelly. Well I argue play argues. And kitty often when you're in the car. And you I. A very got and now would you say to you possibly could be smarter than Katie today. And I don't like that he has met what do you do for a living. I am. Already over ankle do you major maker I don't mean I hate. On. You can hear you right now I'm sure she'd thank you. Are you got to get more questions wrecked in Cady and at five you are unsuccessful Katie take some the victory today you'll add another twenty dollars to the jackpot to play tomorrow. And lastly what do our new rules you're on are you smarter than Katie if you tie in Katie gets the win you ready to go. Got arguably no question number one when found on a beer bottle what does the Akron am IP tasty and four. Much. Three seconds. Featured speaker at. One I don't know my dad until Ichiro affect. Question received beyoncé and Jay-Z announced they're on the run Tutu were stopping at Levi stadium on Saturday September 29. You can buy tickets coming up but later today at 805. If beyoncé was born in 1980. Wind that. In Jaycee was born in 1969. How many years apart are they. Yes. And. Usher to treat what national holiday in Mexico has picked knickers munching on chocolate coffins and sugar skulls. What national holiday in Mexico has picked knickers munching on chocolate confidence and sugar skulls. What would you answer sorry. She's a Day of The Dead look at. Question or 45. States border in the Gulf of Mexico. Name three. Pre second. Line. Double. Dragon. I. Baritone and times have I an excellent one question number five. In which south American country. Would you find the ancient OK and citadel. Much you peachy you. I. Grill. What you wait I didn't let let. They answer. It. Com down. Yeah seeing how many of them like that Larry and I got to singing the day pop pop pop. She does a great and last has violent nice ring thank you I'm still waiting to see you in your regular I know. I would agree if Hillary Geico last week and got my eyes Jackson he soaked. I'm sorry. I Dag Kinnear jackpot today 100 dollars you're going for eager to what wind today. Let's not if you like to watch argue Smart at and TD every single morning we putted up on our instead Graham lied if you throw some follow audience degree am at and 1065. This is Kelly from Lincoln Kelly from Lincoln and then make up artist in she got used to make up stuff a couple of years ago. What mascara. A. Not these this stuff and I both were like yeah why. Anytime there's actually no I don't like brain worked here and then you said. I think of what's there I think we all know that's not thrilled knock and a Nouri Al a question number one. And found on a beer bottle what does the Akron am I EPA stand for. The question. In the granite ER and. Pacific. Motors. And Muslim because then yes I'd say it's. You know what you're clothes so yeah yeah how close meeting unity or other than that India pale male. So Mindy. I mean that's where it that's when it comes to skull. FD dive into the exit from the invention of drink well I'll bet and beer person dot okay. Question number Tim. Beyoncé and Jay-Z announced there on the run to tour stopping at Levi stadium on Saturday September 29 you can we tickets coming up at eagle five today. If beyoncé was born in 1981. In Jay-Z was born in 1969. How many years apart aren't. GA the war night okay travel rule. Guys. Well heiress. Somebody took her all of that. I called them matter around real Michael symmetry and imported. It's yeah. Why national holiday in Mexico has picked knickers munching on chocolate coffins and sugar skulls. Yeah there are what else. And in English that's the day of the question number four or five states border the Gulf of Mexico. Thing already named three. Good seats and laughing makes it trek well the last time you. Gulf of Mexico you didn't believe the Giuliani of water there's five states that in order on 1930. Does 0:8. AM. Cents. Among. Little real good would very second slowly and can't see. Yet to data entry into Texas Louisiana Alabama Mississippi BM. Florida Florida I seven Florida I've gotten all sort of tragedy should. All that water that's right and Ernie or Texas or does the peninsula yeah. Thought part of it touches the ocean are here real question number five. Laughs Kevin you are rich south American country. Would you find the ancient incan citadel. Much you Picchu. No loud. Today. 430 yeah. I. Alien I did wrong you did formally go not in South America have noted you know it's not that denial than that. Shall America it's considered part of Central America actually know it's considered part of America right yeah it is actually. Com all right so his throughout the answers for. Where. The emperor's new groove took place right and all right semi final score today. 82 ruled Kelly. Yeah. Well tomorrow Scott jumped Perot yeah you gonna try to balance. But apparently Puerto Rico. Think I honestly don't think that you guys. Much impeach you must be true. I mean yeah we knew that yeah. Val any other south American countries and I start to get a little stopped the practice but thrill I just know and we all I know. Want to paint you with they have lots of Lama is there. Use on Amber's group I mean everyone is for receipt mirror the. Shake my head yes I. I'm. I'm Kelly congratulations. 100 dollars a year or are you smarter than Katie today's show her. It is down nineteen and full hour tomorrow the jackpot resets to twenty dollars Kelly what did you tell everybody what we now know. You go no you wake up call.