Are You Smarter Than Katie? 3-22-17

Wednesday, March 22nd

A listener competes against Katie in a brand new "Are You Smarter Than Katie?" to win tickets to see Pitbull and Enrique:

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I don't feel bad for her husband. So are you smarter than AD ES there. It's five question quiz. You battle Marines live TV the question remains the same car you. Creating a nicely done. You have to change. Our contestant today is Christine. Good morning courtesy and good morning how Mario and friends good parent up for grabs today we have some tickets to see people. Enrique. At the golden one center to pay tickets opensocial Friday 10 AM. Buys you can get yourself pumped up now only five questions they've you're right or wrong after videos so. Are you ready. Yeah I think maybe before we go undersea work for you are from budgets for the state. Yeah. That's kind of awesome. I mean we're not trying to I'm trying to hype it department budget but I. But there are guys we have inherited here you're ready units of students in K basic question is another question number one. On this season of Dancing With The Stars you're familiar with the show cracked. Yes during the season of dancing the stars one of the celebs whose dancing was discovered in the year in 1980. Mostly because it is unique luck. And also because he'd been taking part in something and NBC called America's toughest bouncer contest which contestant is it. Question number two a person writes plays is called a playwright. You correctly spell playwright. PL a YWRITE. Question number three. This weekend in movie version and hold TV show its theaters movie chips it's about the calendar it's about California motorcycle policemen. Chips is an acronym standing for. California blank patrol what does that. That middle part Danforth. Highway. Question number of her that question and question number four. On the periodic table of elements the symbol for sodium is two letters the first one newsletter and as in Nancy what's the second one. Well can't I don't know ain't there couldn't act and last question you're number five Michael Chang. Colin just at the current co host of what part of Saturday Night Live. Music music I. Today Auburn I can music she so sequestered she got through the startled. She got startled. My mind very earned yeah and we know it's clean and you know Brazil. Still I'm Neil Reynolds. This is Christine she's from Dixon's she works in the state budget and do you wanna do yourself a number out there shall we say you really has. I don't know I think aren't there then no it's not not yeah I thought they had been working with budgets and you work with prisoners. Regis and fascination that. Now our budget from the president of Katies I know OK that's fine I that's that's interesting now fascinated by advocating are you ready she got to see now do you think he did pretty well. Now I think it probably won and now he's got to write she got to. Write accurate are people watching as Atlantis glided aren't. FaceBook live on the one a 65 the end countries but pitched it here's kind of screwed up today that's good I lose that's what I. You could. Kerio eighties against question one. On this season of Dancing With The Stars which celebrity was discovered in way back in 1980 mostly because of his unique look. But also ran after taking part and NBC show America's toughest to answer contest. I'm guessing it's mr. Stevens the only person I know on Dancing With The Stars this season and you both got that correct. Soften. Now it was 1980 some sure most of his work most its prior working right Emmys I America's best top Al certain America's toughest bouncer off. Think if it. America's next top down there and name it. I'm paths to America's next model bouncer and question number TL one right. Percy right places got to play right correctly spell playwright. She and a whole. Goal is why aid. WR. IG HT. Later that that's there's a tricky one and I. Yeah it seems like it seems like someone who invented the person limited spelling. Let us on her face. As you would think it was the RR I ETE. Yeah that is incorrect for Katie just got to one more when more and she Biggio and he got a pit bull with your head hung in shame Katie questioner three. This weekend a movie version of an old TV show hits theaters the movie chips and hope it's about that's an art. That's not even part of the question again he's and it it's about the California motorcycle policemen. Chips is an acronym which stands for. Did you tell me propel three blank control what's the main highway. And went back to you the. I'm buzzes yeah. Concerned I'm so it's fine what happens in their heart they might because she got them both wrong I am pretty sure you get number five right by the I. Does he hang on a second. On the periodic table melman speak. And the symbol for sodium is two letters the first one is it and what is the second. It's not. Yes for salt. Now just announced okay now no pulse no insanity then feed. Entering Kennedy you know the answer LTE. And hey intern Kevin is right. Now you are. You are not chemistry major. Every time you talk about your major you change it. So all well and he's right he's right I think is a chemistry major I mean I knew that he knew that. Comic chemistry major Taylor. I'm Michael Chang last question Michael Chang con Joes are for the current because of what part of senator their lives. Yeah this weekend update I'd not heard. Her gas which was music. And he's. They actually have heard you loud and then they do that would lord was Asia watch it's kind of fun but hey you know I'd because we're suckers here for a for a little. I'm pretty gal we you're some prison budget. Yeah we've we've been losers our whole lives we wanna help you out. Give a loser something fun people and read it take its really give you tickets to see that show live for free even now you lost so we ask the question this is the embarrassment partly Smart I think he secrecy. Tell now and help them that's okay girl is OK did Brady us. Yes they do they are show how old. I I don't know if they get there and their agents inside Asia. It's probably best that they don't I think all of my station should be as nice as me and that's why don't work because we can rehabilitate them and we saw her. And loves this is just it's just a ratings grab as when she's trying to do we get like you thank you. Call us an idea and.