Are You Smarter Than Katie? 7-13-18

Friday, July 13th


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Confident it. Smarter then you have not smarter than. Or you. Use Smart grid. Mean daily five question trivia game that you vs Katy you know battle the brains to find out the answer to the question. Maybe broadcasting live from Davis is mourning day despite some all right. Al Davis and we are super excited today and these guys you can see in my hand I have the list of questions. Four argues marketing Katie she lost two days in Iran and its route which is pretty par for course for which it was as the first station loses that excellence at the pattern. Ahead it's just can't cheek cell idea questions have been a fishy I use the crucial. On the are ready to go end at today's jackpot is twenty dollars eight today Christian is playing like Christian. Couldn't get tickets step closer to might they got the morning just have to get more questions threatening Katie and you wind and lastly what are new rules for our sort of thing Katie if you tie. He gets the win for the game a what do you do. Actually were recovered and I thought we are right that we're for a copy right with that we will not say that you're currently standing in front of and enjoying the right off right you'll sit out at all no. And I'm not enough are Christian you ready to go. Yeah are here we go question number one. If you're looking at. The keyboard of a computer what symbol shares are keen with the number four. There are. All. Very second. I'll. I don't know. Yeah got no gas. It's animation and mark at. Question number two. The Augusta National Golf Club is the golf club of the US masters in the PGA what states are the masters help him. I don't. There's 58 she's probably just guess what if you like. Yes I don't receive no okay. Question three Disney's Captain Hook has a hook on which hand. Ray. Question report in the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond what is the occupation of agreements brother Robert. The Dziena outward. Nutrients that yes. And questioned for five which US cities are you flying between if the airport codes on your ticket RF. Day all our. In chief all or BE. Seconds. Announced upon it or in. FAA RG RBs. Toward. The city's Florida and Georgia got a look at city yeah my favorite cities. Grade. You got that song down in the order yet yet I asked a lot it's apparent that their wedding yeah. Katie Ellis sequestered inside fills up your words say yeah. Not a single person well. Years now yeah as Christian it is. Mikey he's sworn enemy and we don't I've always known then listen Katie lost two days and I don't. Annoyed at my job recapping yes I am sure you recap now who I urge you is that urged Christians that. He works at a coffee shop that's perfection. And here and wait to put willing off field. The reason. I really dropped. Rob gas. RA like Katie are you ready now OK here we go you're going for your 79 win today. Question number one. But you can watch just you're Smart kitty live from Davis right now files to Graham at 165 question number one. If you're looking at the keyboard of a computer. What's what symbol shares that he with a number four. Looking at a keyboard pay what symbol shares sixteen with a number four. The parent well. That is correct. Dollars to heat your idea that the money yes. You dollars dollars. I never not come out of our way. Question number two they did. Let's carefully the at Augusta National Golf Club is that golf club of the US masters in the PGA. What states. The masters help me in north correct. Yeah. Your meal and snack. Mean your Christians feel bad. Let me can everybody would like. I've now kitty we have a guest question it. Guy gipper today this is Mike Webb he's the city manager of Davis are. Well hidden in the light of my thing is to me despite my Obama made that work. Well okay it's all. The hold them all out. I bet that are right out Mike let questioner three. All right Disney's captain Kirk as a hook on which can pop. Album. That is correct. Congratulations Mike euthanized now. Both are past that OK question number four in the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond what is the occupation of ravens brother Roberts. There. Incorrect. Police. Officer he's an actor in real life. Well it. All right last one question number five. Which US cities are you flying between if the airport codes on your tickets. Are asked. AAR. A NG. All our. Why. And the real or. The Fargo. And. Leg. I thought I. That'd that'd. He. All right today's. Today's final score for argues departed in Katy Christian 08. It is the way. Yeah bring food. And yeah. So I her record average to 79 at eighteen Monday it will be a lie back listed he'll play for forty dollars Christian I'm so sorry. But in step up to the Mike and tell everybody what we are now. Yuen could have been if you're not Smart thinking I'm not Smart and get real fast out Mike Webb by the city manager us over to micro fast. Brooke messed up Mike they'll ask you give us a solid reason we could call listeners to come visit the city game. I can give me any reason you are. Hello boy. Art our farmers market. Is awesome I had an end. And the second. Please win me now that's not a reason here now I disagree. If you block. There. What. Are the the basically almost have ever marching. Band right now we're. Some marking it on all ball upgrades. I'll listen Mike on behalf of the late call thank you so much amnesty today. Glad to have a beer writer and a great time turnaround thank you for me so much I think you guys have welcomed us think you do a hills poppy for having us here too we live in. In Davis awake all sect outdoor 106 IBM makes.