Are You Smarter Than Katie? 7-20-18

Friday, July 20th

Today on "Are You Smarter Than Katie?" Katie battles a listener for 60 dollars. 

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Any she's confident it makes you feel better. Let me she's okay that's a dumb glass and smarter then you are not smarter than. Yes or you. Use more. It's the daily five question trivia game universe is Katie had to battle the grades to find out the answer to that question. We are like casting live from outgrow this morning I'll be here at the horns theory fitness. And today Courtney you'll be tried to take to end Katie good morning Courtney good morning a morning court yet you have an outgrowth. I am and such as high organized what needed. Iowa where his service throughout her eyes you guys thank you very much. I'm sure you provided us with many Starbucks drinks on the shelf and turn had a very nice does that give more question directing Katie and you win. Other questions have been officially sealed in the top ticket on below the last 24 hours. I they've been officially approved by the east bargaining meeting meeting. It'll get up to you got to get more right at her and you win but if you tie. K it's the window connect rank today's jackpot sits at sixty dollars avenue ready to go I am usually away. I track I don't usually. They have had a winner and keep up on my general knowledge suntrust making OK we cannot have a winner at the fact counts or yet. And luckily I'm sick. But I think it's our trash where it is I will double this paper out and I will wrote okay okay I'll take that all right here we go question number one. According to ancient Roman religion. What was that got to the scene. That aside and. Question for you. In that could buy it room of Disney aliens it's a small world ride. The words goodbye is posted how many it's posted in how many different languages. Let's save. Forward. What secretary singer Leigh Gallagher tweeted about his brother no Gallagher not serving alcohol and it shows yesterday. Instead it was the most bizarre thing you ever heard and suggests that it's time to get the big I hope back together. The go is a reference to their old nineties rock me what is the name of that in. Oasis. Questionable for what is the name of the ten year old boy that fines each team. Who I don't know a. Simoni. Peter. Question number five president trump confirmed on Tuesday that he would like to redesign Air Force One of the aircraft which the president flies. The iconic 1962. Jackie Kennedy design plane. We have more traditional red white and blue lay out expect to be ready in 20/20 four. If it was designed. In 1962. How many years will put her design. In 20/20 four. For AD. Now. Fifty Q. There it gave a few sequestered inside what is there a fitness. Well I don't know that you see in well we've told everybody clap on all that's what it is covered it there's a lot. Could execute. There. This is Courtney. I know I Courtney Ziad according to send him back a beard we gotta we gotta run through the answers to the change part of the Kennedy today. Lot of people that per has brought the baby rights like we have all sports I'll thank you I figured she finds the. OK after they are like we are legion gone up yeah. I'm a baby and dot. REK you're going for your 83. Win today. In the jackpot is sixty dollars you ego questionable and solid as always you can watch sport in Katie live from Elk Grove today honorary degree at end. What 65 question number one according to ancient Rome in religion. Who is the god of this. Try. I. No you didn't name either got. Atlanta. That's a city. To assert that he now that I had a net soon. And that great line. The site that I I then it's a Little Mermaid yet if you. Question number two in the good buyer room at Disney's it's a small world ride the word goodbye. It's posted in how many different languages. Well room. On why. I've ideas that make it I prayed. What they they. There are other moms animal. Not true at the lovely light it's very especially is I. On the other characters to split them this element you line up and correct it just when he you. People now like I didn't know that let. Now they're going to line which it is not that much of a mystery. Singer early and Gallagher tweeted about his brother Noel Gallagher not serving alcohol Eddie shows yesterday you said it was the most bizarre thing you've ever heard. And suggests it's time to get that big old back together that they go is a reference to their old ninety's Rockne and what was the name of that band. Oh my god. Beckett. Very hotly and there. That show yeah okay. Oasis. Aces. I am not doing well while I question number four what does that name at the ten year old boy that fines ET. Well. Well one court and I got questioned for five. President trump confirmed on Tuesday that he would like to redesign Air Force One that. The aircraft which the president flies. The iconic 1962. Jackie Kennedy designed plane. Will be more traditional red white and blue lay out expected to be ready in 20/20 four. If it was designed it 1962. How many years will put her design V Whitney is retired in 20/20 four. Okay. And. You're mad at everybody. Minute. Marlins but. That there era. Looking out. Is everywhere and see how mean she hit reset it. Natives here eight years all them. The original answer yeah. Speaking out after. What the answer 6262. Is correct. Just so. I. All right she didn't do it does rain here is going to be nice car and off like two decades mind. I'm all right. Traction yet until you hear is yeah. How to borrow. So that's the thing that make it back no I'm glad it's and then at ten that and then at the. It's. A. Let's okay you can watch TV viewer work on marriage to him live right now in these comment about it and I'm happy pat pat pat. I. Think now this is good sportsmanship. Courtney now how odd is it rock creek like. Like what the rays are all in and rubber face off on the track. And then the other one who was already waiting stocks goes back even care Larry Kantor MarketWatch. Well can I announce the final score. Today's finals poor port you wind Katie law. If I. Made today and catch gadget. The ball away. All right sold like get on Monday the jackpot will be eighty dollars her record stands at 83 in the 19 court I am so sorry. Hey we love you for coming out. Day Qaeda sleeper candidate club and why. She's pretty Q for a cure but be what did you do it and tell everybody what we are ready now. Why you're not smarter than me that I'm smiling heating up there I really am just I'm just I and justice grind it out there. How can I ask.