Are You Smarter Than Katie 9-13-17

Wednesday, September 13th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Are You Smarter Than Katie" to give away 3rd row tickets to WWE:


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1065. I don't feel bad for her husband. You smarter than hades. We think I've questioned pop culture quiz you vs Katie in the battle the brains to find out the answer the question. Can't make up for grabs we have tickets to be WW be lied to and the golden one senator this is going to be cool with the down hole this is. The last man standing match Gavin Roman rains verse is drawn stroman. And the Intercontinental championship match went though me is men. My nibbles are hard because I. I thought I'd have to get struggle and allied with the with these are third row tickets by the way we'll do a second road tomorrow in front row ringside seats on a Friday here in the wake of golf I GG is playing today hi good morning GG. Hey hey what's that the IG's from the Thomas you worry EI customer analyst. Do you say where your customer analyst at. Adding to already company. All you don't want to say I got it. If you think it. Dished it to be right AW will it stop to keep bat well I think on the I don't know which one you work guy but wouldn't it be great if you work did he Gigi and even my how. Well done and well done like five pop culture questions got to get more right in Katie okay. I'd started off question in my line looks like former basketball player Kobe Bryant will likely have. His number retired before game in December Kobe used to numbers eights in 24. During his twenty years would watch NBA team. Lakers. Question number two you yesterday apple announced its plan to release the brand new iPhone X iPhone H in iPhone eight plus next month. The iPhone X will cost 900 in 99 dollars in what year was the first iPhone released. That. Question retreat. Her cane Irma left fifteen million Florida residents without power late last week. If rescue workers could only restore power to half of those residents. How many is that. Senate side and December 4. Monday it was the sixteenth anniversary of the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. Named to states and one country that borders New York State. We should they are one country corrects. I'm alone. Wrote Eileen. What is your school. Three seconds I'd hit eight. Pat and pulled the guys aren't on that it would geography. Tenth less pressing question for five. In a new Netflix biography scented debut in a week. Stephanie German not a reveals her struggles of chronic pain fatigue in brain fog known as fibre my Alger. Professionally and onstage she is better known as who. He's elegance. I don't know yeah I think names please somebody. Did what I got us. I OK okay. Hey. Lied over and meet GG. It Deanna knew he noted this huge tie 88 hello I'm all well all I got and and what my sometimes I take your time Katie love rain. Okay how she'd see paying. On Europe's GG got three right okay. Knock over geography. Good. But if you are a lot just do you are you smarter than Katy lied we are on FaceBook lives and won a six IBM and of course can always follow us on San Chad at end of 1065 Katie are you reading I am so ready rain looks like former basketball player Kobe Bryant's will likely have his number retired before a game in December Toby used to numbers eight in 24. During his twenty years with what NBA team. Lakers. Pretend I'm. Danny was eat it. They were in the that was. His questions about and what number of them even harder is all things you know and I remember I almost impossible I would add that my old. Hi all I. A lot of bombed can I question number two yesterday apple announced its plans to release the brand new. IPhone X iPhone aids in iPhone eight plus next month. The iPhone extra cost 999. Dollars in what year was the first iPhone released. Cool. The correct. That's why it's called the iPhone tax. Experts and Roman numerals I've heard of yes yes I. I could symmetry perky Herm left fifteen million Florida residents without power late last week. If rescue workers could only restore power to half of those residents how many is that. Of. Bay's did he mail me. If it's pretty darn at least. Fifteen million now so that would be a mind. Your bowl. And he answered well 40400. To have what's that the I. How does that pilot 400 and how thousands browse 400000. I know that and spent seven and half million. How many demons. Now you know like I got the parent first and then the. It what it was all downhill from yeah. After she got that right you're not good with hurricane stuff though so lead three office there or if not now. I have known you too long if that's what. And I questioned before. Monday was the sixteenth. Anniversary of the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City the Pentagon in in Pennsylvania. Name two states and one country that border New York State. Okay well the country is Canada asked. And that New Jersey you. All and do you answer this not sad news. They thought hey. That's it she said I didn't know. Okay. Good the answer to Canada. And he didn't entering money I'm that would she's favor. Got a New Jersey yeah. Pennsylvania mom. It's like touching Connecticut I almost at Pennsylvania touch is Massachusetts. Okay we get and it touches Vermont a penny. On the think chair by the way I hate it but yeah. Vermont is the seals it. By the way. Up it's she said the country that borders near stupid as the USA. I'd do it and he did little light last question. Five are you smarter than Katie in a new Netflix biography set to debut in a week Stephanie Garmin not a reveals her struggles of chronic pain fatigue and brain fog. Notice I burger mutt. I Wear my Alexandra may have to think you. Professionally and an onstage she is better known as who. Is it current. Chairman Monaco Stephanie German Ghana is Lady Gaga sounds director al-Qaeda. They're tied at the time. Time now that I know I did not get there hurricane I did not get the state yes that the tax. So William ivory do you have a tiebreaker I do not a Geary already I do gently then now I GG. Do you wanna pass supply. If you play. If you play you get the question him and their favorite thing your hands but to get it wrong Katie wins Horry composite hope the cave he's. Gonna get Iran but any big dumb idiot. After each. Peeking out and play like talent and being. Aren't hearing gonna. It's. Okay. There is hurricane Harvey. There were hurricane Irma. What was the name of the hurricane they came right after Irma. Who. Okay. Yeah. Bull I absolutely incredible. You know acts. And an IMAX I am there are now on Neil let. And unfortunately I can't I guess I would concern that. Then there's an informative. I DG congratulations. Third row tickets to WW he lied to the golden one senator September 22 win Drummond rains bronze stroman the main is Seth Rollins dean Ambrose you're gonna go. Congratulations. Yeah and tell everybody lowly and now now. And I'm. Big idea and.