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Are You Smarter Than Katie? 3-12-18

Monday, March 12th

Listeners play "Are You Smarter Than Katie?" for a chance to win 80 dollars!!

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Any she's confident it makes you feel better. Let me copy that's a dumb glasses and she's smarter then you have not smarter than me. So are you. Use Smart kid. These daily but I question trivia game and you vs Katy and the battle all the brains and find out the answer to the question. I like to think Gavin last week for filling in and doing are you smarter than Gavin you did an excellent job thank you your lifetime record. Three RE three some great went three for three and I tell you what if she screws up today. I got a streak go and Brian are you you warmed up for. On cell I get hurt Jack but sits at eighty dollars today. In her record is eighteen and three grace from plaster meld that morning. You're playing this morning are you excited. I've got an excellent what do you do for a living. Any and eat aren't all right diet is promising all right go all right now let's get more right pinkie radio guy and your gal. Question number one. The great pyramid of Giza is located in what Egyptian city. I don't god. You should you hire the right up. Three seconds. Arrow and it adds I don't know I don't know. Our question ever tilt. Toy store giant Toys 'R' Us could go out of business as early as this week shutting down all of its store hours. Boys' arrests is marketing campaign the eighties featured the famous jingle I don't wanna grow up I'm a Toys 'R' Us kid as her a year it. Alan yeah I. Yeah nice and pretty. God. Why kids out of breath what are. We going on I don't know that question. Is featured in the television commercials and the marketing campaign in the eighties what was the animal mascots of Toys 'R' Us. There. Does specific name. Out she is I don't know if that your apps name month. I don't do it are okay aren't quit symmetry. Eight person that is able to use both hands with equal skill is called what's. The daddy. Pushed for former ninety's sitcom actor Joey Lawrence filed for bankruptcy this week. Owing over 88000 dollars in back taxes a 132000. Dollars in credit card debt and 54000. Dollars in unpaid rent. What ninety's TV show me Joey Lawrence a household name. Shelly caught it. It all out of that I'm here how. And question number five what is the slaying a military term for the distance of one kilometer. She and back. She's walking no older. She's not gonna throw up. And the more arrows get out there I mean. I am very nine. Kris from plaster now. Eight and she is big scene and she loves playing in Ned Jarrett Jack but today is eighty dollars you're. Well you're welcome. Iowa and if as always you can watch shoe are you smarter than Katy lied if you wanna give us Apollo. On our instead Graham and what a 65 and watch every Spartan Stadium and to remind you ready to go. Now way and why wouldn't I but at times I. And three times the purchase looks like it all big are his wins and the Yemeni ties. Time outside it's a guy. Two of them were not very big win writes out yet but they were hard rain said he made the questions harder for me I did he send. He have to say he's a threat he's trying to infield that's somebody's got killed by here we are you reading yet push at reliant. The great pyramid of Giza is located in what I Egyptian city. I am sorry. You were crucial. Moment. You name any Egyptian city. And chipped it. And what do you think it is. Yeah I think now. It's I know that's. But great and here amid. All of me alone. Pretty. Yes. I'll get Kerio. The heiress thank you Doug do you remember the Wootton put up the heat would let. And I Democrats. I carry unquestionably TU. Toy store giant Toys 'R' Us could go out of business as early as this week. Shutting down all of its doors to address marketing campaign in the eighties featured the famous jingle. I don't wanna grow up I'm a toys arrested. Alan. I'm looking good and me I might add the yeah. Not yeah. Out of breath bug in the covers the kids riding a bike. They that's longer write a book so. All of the marketing campaign that famous jingle what what is the official animal mascot of Toys 'R' Us and average your app that is. So are great and given her the point in my Leo yes I was gonna sit on there and wait and see if she just said giraffe as well. I don't get a point where she's gently. You want a subordinated out Gordon and ninety. All yeah I'm you know you don't know what you say wow I got to hold. All right let's go to the next cool idea how you would do. You get I get the questions. Hi Harry Douglas cemetery a person that is able to use both hands with equal still it's called what's. In the next. What it. Their actions America. Simmer for. The Earth's. Former another eighties sitcom actor Joey Lawrence filed for bankruptcy this week owing over 88000 dollars in back taxes 132000. Dollars in credit are cold hot cold hot yeah. 88000 OK okay. 132000. Dollars in credit card debt. Ten and 54000 dollars in unpaid rent okay well. Renny goes down yeah I got what nineties TV show may cynical. About some old nickname yeah. The fact that the blond stuff. We didn't do that more. While the numbers back me Melbourne might get Albert bit none that you either have to. Doing some excellent yeah and they all know now. To rearm through that area last question question number five. What is displaying military term for the distance of one kilometer. Oh my god I do know that and all the second. The Nagano she said that. Hamas and at tech. Click away and you got too anxious on the panel so yeah so. And so club's final score. 83. Greece to. And. He graduation. In the barn a decade or they are based traffic maps are. You are not your first day back congratulations Aladdin and the twenty dollars of the jackpot tomorrow will be playing for 100 dollars. And her record now stands at nineteen. And three. Congratulations Katie grace I am so sorry what did you tell everybody what we already know. A mutant.