Baby Left In Car

Friday, November 3rd

Gavin cousin helped save a baby from being locked in a car at the Arden Fair Mall. 


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65 the end so here's a story might not have heard on the news DeVon actually found out about it on FaceBook. To evans' cousin packed. Found a baby locked in a car at Arden mall pass on the phone the morning that they're memorial RT yeah. I pat and just walk us through like what happened okay. OK so. I would be nice story in the ardent pro golf this young guy come in probably about 98 already and he's located at baby. In a car out of work or not. It's a mesa that there be a guide deadline. The drill yeah especially there was like a nineteen year old he won't. Even visibly upset and I co workers live a customer I wasn't so I went out. And it's important you know should I call security accept this call 9111 about tall obscurity so. Look how old was that was the child's. Attitude with the most solved its own digital so maybe eighteen months or something and with the kids struggle through the car seats still acute what I distracting and it it's. Sweep I'll glance. Okay. So I try all the doors and they're all off. Windows all the way outside looking in and she's sleeping in the G breed and I'm making sure her chances are all there you know and sorry I called my little one and done then I guess they called mall security because about and I just stayed with the car. Well 911 call -- secure maybe Nate and they've got a little they're actually on site there's aged child in a car on the fastest way to get us and our. Yeah I would I would imagine that's. Still in contact with each other Christine O'Donnell. So if you're just joining yes we're talking to Gavin is cousin pat. Prove found that baby locked in a car at Arden mall. So that we show up and comparable can't help but. We deal breaker ten and eat turn to break the driver side the driver's window. And attempted probably five or six truck he couldn't get at the security guard goes where you're at citizens truck comes out of this state bar that's quite funny looking at. And not one swing and that we don't just slash. Anyone out there and walk like four was the cop trying to not break the glass in a way they're gonna light. Go on the kid maybe. Now I think it was just. Does include a little more involved in and beat them both learned that the girl out so yeah of course she's old cops are really really nice sort of older group you know trying to calm attempts. So finally I don't know how that finally the woman who was then the ball got word. That the cops rather karma conferred. With the babies energy concerning out and she's I don't know 3035 results and down easy come down all upset achieved. It is Russian and lose. Very broken English so hard to have a conversation. She starts like reaching for the baby to consulate called on you know kind of like we need to talk to you first you know and then about I guess another five minutes later. Her. Nine year old and six year old had found out. Come walking out mall and turns in a woman's head so you can tire you out here to take care of theirs and your mind year old and six year old children were in the mall without adult supervision. It's. It's hard I know they were not gonna arrest her do it cost EPS. Are hurting it and he had a putting it into EPS is changed. Could we security can look up look at what age in the video for all right. So they knew that he cheated careful about sixty minutes or car pulled in about fifty minutes for a whole Leon see cost my god not like what I did. You know for two minutes grab some they had run out 88 at Oakmont OK okay. And that and that she was perfectly comfortable leaving your kid in the car all the time whether the kid woke up or not she didn't care everything that my daughter Phoebe passed away. I hear stories like this and it confirms that there's no cosmic justice and woman got to keep her kid she got to keep her daughter and I didn't I've never done anything like this nor would I ever do anything like this. I break a local cops face Lleyton incident hurt. You western nineteen secure home in the mall to come take care of it without adults of ergonomic our fault. How you do it right here any. Mary. OK now you're not a cell we love ya. They kill I love you get in particular became a copy our focus early Coca there in shock exact type of what is Allen and even so credit can you know I give him credit Chris evil and actually it's all the day's first I'm Jerusalem called on 11 in stood by the cocker. Like he didn't know what to do all so eagerly for nineteen hue like Clinton found a grown up right now it is room. Really easy. Well last I'm pissed that that they didn't arrest the mother but I mean the gloves no more than I do so. Anyway I'm glad you did which did. Well thank you I'm glad that it would idea to have those chasing you down slowly and she's he's. Yet decided that I pat thanks so it's time and we appreciate it all no problem thank you but with the audience.