Bathroom App

Thursday, March 2nd

There is a new app that allows employers to monitor how much time employees are wasting on bathroom breaks. Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the new bathroom app:

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One thing I again. OK so I didn't really get fired I'm not trying to attack you but it. Literally seconds ago you're about to come in the studio and you look to me and you mouth that's. I'm healthy and every piece isn't Kosher here and I made some that some people here's the dream team. No limit on the street three years well this. I get another crop I am just look at the David Blaine stupid stunts I. There's a new they just got released. And did is something employers can use bosses in particular to monitor how much time you're spending in the bathroom work yourself fired Katie is what it says here he's missed her. I mean you've civic yourself fired not may you need. I'll. Help them Blatter the size not symbol that's number one numbered till I tried a drink a lot of water every day. I think she goes entryway your refund is take in the water from your your ocean spray empty bottles to recycle everything in my everything has poured the water right the toilet. Is that why. Has the health benefits and I think wires supposed to buy do without any doesn't it doesn't seems to save time he does. He sake of my 30 I tell you guys something in my tummy. OK you know and eighteen so much from our Erik yeah okay. IP you that much. All day long hidden. You know I Indiana how good I own and his peak on the another and I haven't had this discussion don't change the subject here don't take his. You sound you sound like such and such are garbage per. You I do what do you think that people think you're doing on the filed. They probably think object in my Oilers a big twelve where you when you say you're hitting the brunt of the car you know you all passenger's side jar and then the back and passengers I don't and then use a lot of intrigue the hill and somebody questions number one. Where are not anybody check your oil and when I'm around and yet the and do. First and it is my god you're huge you'll wonder and all her all over heard from. 5000. Dollar computer poll really when they bought it may be you guys beat. Katie just spit water all herself com mail that. And I guess. Again what do you expect the water's got to come out somewhere. The top spot damage if you can't win if UPQ might you get fired if you spit the water out here melded with a degree in applied. And I did he's not really and yeah. Even yeah yeah I Arabs now and I'll. You may be. And run and the biggest we have the UR. And yeah. But. Don't blame it's so anyway we're hiring how I sleep and all those clean my pleasure. The bottom line empire and it's. This out this app name would start a whole conversation a lot and it tells you how long you're in the bathroom and all that I will think Katies events. Is that when she goes to the bathroom she. She isn't there maybe a minute maybe two tops to its isn't there so quickly that sometimes I worry that she doesn't have good hygiene. So that being said. Seems like it's not gonna help you because it doesn't count how many times you know you don't count how long you're in the bath. Right and also can tell you of one stalls been occupied for too long so if you're grand. Think about your life here's the thing I'm thinking this is you've peaked too much but your drag that guy with no I would yes yeah or the guy who may be a needle and healthy. And you have a heart attack on the fine she'll find the it's a safety measure. Here is to throw DF fired but it's if safety measure for people who make it diet could go to work otherwise. Does not export employee so. I'm sure they probably be invented vending machines is held toilets for your best which we had this problem as well you're probably going to be OK I think that's called a catheter. IBM's.