Bathroom Debate

Friday, November 10th

There was a line of women waiting for the men’s room at The Flamingo House over the weekend including Rayne. Rayne really had to go but instead he waited because there was a long line. We solicit for women to call and help Katie fight the boys off. 


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The way it's. I the end so what are my favorite places to go downtown is the flamingo how. So actually this is a new spot for both intern Kevin and I can tell within their I don't know. Dozen times it's actually cool spot it's right on. 2 AM so once you buy the flamingo house on Friday night. And I mean it's it's a jump in spot super pacs and there was a line. Of women and the scanning and lying that you're the women's roster however there was also a line of women. Waiting in line to go to the men's room because no one line for the women's restroom was too long these phone. So I didn't get this just sit doesn't happen at bars and clubs and also like you see a lot of concerts two of the line is too long for the women's restroom and the women will run over into the men's restroom right billion giggled all there in there because the men have almost the urine holes and I mean I down. But I had a goal bad. Why I had the standard law lane of behind the women to get into the men's restroom. I need to stall it's a single. It is relations yes okay so I waited in line but in our time I was like why am I waiting behind. All these women I'll tell you later. I'll tell you I. And I'll tell you like I I know you think like old because I meg guy I should get to cut the line at the guys after he women earned it constant disadvantage. When it comes still. Bathrooms and bathroom lines. It takes us longer to go to would be bath for. Why only have different parts number one guy and it. Generally are close are a little harder and better off than yours do you think that's why that's why I think they UN these are padding though as they move it just takes off. It doesn't I don't you left out the number one reason why it takes longer. You have to allow enough time to look at yourself in the mirror and do things. The downtown where you can. Women's bathroom. Let's clarify that it did to a mere okay Gavin just doesn't peeping into a woman's matter right. They won't need to do it and I watched the women. Now just under round wasting time looking in the year they are steadying. Churns okay. That is not a single solve situation where there is a door. People that do that yes of course. Generally. Women I feel like you know that when there's a lot of rain meant you got to get and then he got again now. Mad Mel. Yeah you should not have been waiting in that line and show. Those women for not realizing that and then when the line for the men's room and they should've said you know what you have the right to go ahead Abbas he. Did as a matter what you're doing in the air yes adapt because one of the I think what I'm describing them not a choice when women go to the bathroom. The way they have to go about their isn't something you could choose if they are choosing to stand in the nearer and waste area else's time. That's a different how long hold on it's why toilet and one wrote in the men's or someone toilet in the other room. A this all just become bathrooms it becomes you know no no now a Buckeyes this is figure that determines which one. Pig pulled underpants and Georgia where two seconds. Two seconds then something's wrong with you go to dinner cases there are trashing the women have. Need to pull back your pay okay do help when your does Pete how much you pull your pants all the way down every time Nokia. I. And I'm never. The lucky dog. I'm OK so let's you know what two seconds the pulled on the pants two seconds the pull up the pants. You've got you've got to do the TP thing. How long does that take 52 I mean I did pigs. I think you're really under us so long and 92. And you're tight he can't do you think it takes two seconds to take them up and federal lose would take more than he's second now make them and I wasted it. Latin they're you threatened. Listen you're lucky that I wore I did not Wear boxers today and I wore my underwear. Otherwise I would put it to me and I'd like kids down right now not dornin. I want my underwear. But every does that that made the owner of the finals and their little salt Kevin Spacey yeah you're lucky. Yeah lucky heated Blair didn't. Next time you go in there hold the line the ladies and I hope you go. No. What's next solo.