Bedroom Bartering

Thursday, June 30th

Have you ever traded sex for something you want in a relationship? Like maybe you wanted the house cleaned so you offered up sex to see if you could get your significant other to clean the house for you? Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about bedroom bartering...


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Jason. All I ever. Margaret where we're used to something. Sexual nature of your relationship in exchange for something they'd like that's not sexual ladies if you've ever. Done any bedroom bartering we just wanna know what you received. In exchange for what we know is out maybe a need to augment those details we know we know it's you're getting something that is guy alliance say you'd only wanted to you know he's an hour we don't need those vetoes we just want to know what you got aches change. For that what was your bedroom bartering deal 7661079. I'll go first. I view. I hate them during mess I'm probably getting yelled at later bite let's just say if my wife were to call. She would sang I got a decaf latte from Starbucks. On she's GDY. No that's all you could. K pediatric pay you to do is get your wife or coffee and she had sex with the fat bright skating. OK so what I get. In inter are just the Andy dean you made when you get I got my husband to start. Grooming his eyebrows yeah. I. You're a man crew. Love her for goods you Gavin rates don't add. Again we don't need to know what you ga oh what did you get an exchange. Clean about her. Life now though. The ads like the salary. But every. I am I am doing this all draw so was my wife my guide at its seat yeah. Mahmud Smart and your had you a better arrangement. I noticed your little guy leading that apparently sounds amazing. Gavin. Then this doesn't apply to me. I would never wanna have sex with somebody that did not 181 had sex with me in return yeah like you're looking good that's all round OK I do like I am let me look at let me show he'd throw ladies' side. And honestly but my husband's. No matter what I can I dare do it and get nothing out of meant. Or I can do it and it's been adamant 'cause it's I hate sleeping with him I can't. Well like even our bike get something cool this is really just I scratch your back you scratch mine in the end you know I mean I was back at some point in my experience. I scratch your back you scratch my back that's kind of called acts. You've endured a year out I mean that's that is there's often a quid pro quo involved in the prior. I benefiting two times out of best. I'm getting heated still doesn't really apply to me though well you're someone someone's missing out I'm not debating in my house if I if I wanted to do the equivalent see that's I would have been threatened to stop doing stuff. Why did you have sex again it is not a lot yeah. That could more. That could work good living in this house well I've said Mika bounce up and Laura. This is your name pronounced VS. Yeah that be Sacramento. It's bedroom bartering we don't need to know what you offered up we just wanted to we've gotten return. Yeah poor people I got my daughter on a trip is an amusement park. Wait so should you when you got to take your daughter. So you guys were fighting over who got to go. I know what they do that but dealt. He decided Doubleday. The way to. That was isn't a current relationship like it actually is a look at the custody thing. Now. That's funny I mean. He's he's getting a lot of bright idea is ladies I'll meet yeah pay from south sac need oh so you got something. No no I wish I bit but most. I did yeah. One Iowa she when she dreamed of for. You are a little bit murkier when moment times now. It's like you're the old days that my idea. That's. Like. Listen I really want just the sweetest day square and then if you give it to me. The tea. Outcome messages from FaceBook my boyfriend has my oil changed because that's held summation. So I may another when he took me to see wicket in severance and how can have. All this is horrible let's just say after three years together my boyfriend showers every day. All. All my daughter grows some bear one mile and a. Like rye don't do that if he doesn't and I just to have the blogs about everything if you want me to do stuff with that it. It's got to be clean okay that's just a huge thing I kept clean of earth as a mother my long once he's in the same thing at a wash my long mark right Roger last one here. I don't have to visit his medium noxious mother alive for me and teller I'm working or am sick.