The Bernie Marathon

Friday, June 15th

Producer Gabe found a marathon that is perfect for lazy people!

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174000. Dollar cash coated. Agreement for you can we give me a thousand dollars we needed twelve times today your chance to and agree and we're gonna kick it off again at 7 AM be here to win. But it doesn't like NASCAR on what a six IBM. When a six IV at seven. Go wake up call. So British or game billing into the shell has said that. He's got the most athletic person in the world so you know we we dug by going to the jam and no we talked recently about his first experience in the gym in his apartment. But they think producer Gabe has finally found something. That he can participate in a little kid that's great thank you mom I've always wanted to be in a marathon but I've heard about what people go through. To participate in one young year reign in the right but. People say they've arm in its I have a friend who had to lag go to the bathroom and panel of me and I felt all the time now apparently it's disgusting so I found a marathon that sounds. Like we can all participate everybody on the planet can do this it's so approachable. And fun. On it happened earlier this month mean Texas I think. And we need to bring it here to Sacramento so weakened K okay you ready I mean yeah come. It's okay it's called it the Bernie. And it's. Points. Points. Five K zero point five K. So that's like the 500 yards. Prolong this 500 yards about five football fields right oh OK so not too long I know and how long at all pretty good okay. Com so when you start the race then you start with a free pint to be to get to go in for this race right okay. And at the halfway point if you burn through all your cards okay sure are happy so. Halfway. Rule. I do halfway as. All three thought to have football theaters right so halfway through you get a donuts. And a coffee at a hydration station. So you can reload on the cards that you just burned off right. And then right next to that area is a costume contest. And oh yeah. K yeah a little bit of a break. This sounds wonderful I. Know it's called the Bernie. And that the town in Texas and I'll okay. Could anybody just do this to gonna lock. We're Arab pub crawl. What are you know is this is America. No honey. Makes the mayor now well. Glad you asked because they give you one of those. It's that's what. Every marathon has you get one of those stickers are aren't you there on your car but yes you get they call it a pretentious. Zero point five case sticker. That's pretty funny but the best part. Which I would totally do is their VIP. So the regular entry to this marathon is Tony five dollars but if you pay fifty. You will be jewel ridge and that across. Yeah restoring a 1963. Volkswagen bus the the money go toward our good cause. Actually it's a really good ties it's called blessings in a backpack it's a charity. On that tackles food insecurity so they supply. Of food says elementary school students who don't have. A stick nude. Concerned about ill. I think you heads let's listen you eat better than any of mass that's for sure what do we know that. Well because it is because he's beat if there's a lot of crappy AMT because that adds aka. Well it's true so yeah I mean. He can't eat like cutting them pizza that's true now. And it does seem like your physical activity. Is almost zero. Know how my dog for a lock every day. How long McNabb yeah it twenty minutes. Helped. Far do you think your daughter is very small. What does that I'm still walking didn't know I know but it is as far as distant skywalk around my apartment complex Coca. I. About the shall pass because if if this marathon you let's participating in its half a kilometer point five that's only. Point three might. So if he's walking around his complex he's probably doing that point three mile. That's really need this senior legal either trip I'd bench yes so maybe what I'll do to step it up is before it's taken for a lock on have a pint of beer okay bang all stop and have my own costume contest. Really get prepared for this. It. You'll hear you where. Would you start and you put it. Halfway mark put it on iron at sweaty I mean the press. I like that sounds ridiculous but there are many many marathons out there were people are costumes. So that's that's the and advance our car that's happening in the middle of the run short on Iran net. Like you shower after they don't have too fast that you did oh yeah golf lets you all that beard gush below. Add on and you know grab them here's probably. A very slippers the chance but very slim Jim that you'll be yourself during the oh we have. Yeah no running no OK it's just because that must have cost them. A guy while many of size this up. Yeah yeah honey ninety doing that. Bernie I didn't keep in Sacramento let's break this I know I keyboard do we get to have our own T man everything sure unsure. It's I guess her own cost him constantly and costumes I. Also just sort of Halloween. Well because you don't get a medal for Halloween you on Saturday. Next on the wake up golf. A man and Indiana was tried for the deal lie after he was caught driving drunk but he wasn't driving a car. Toward truck or any type of actual road vehicle. Closely woody got busted riding on next six putting you on the wake up call. 16 IV and. A little bits and residents. It's enough.