Bishop Pumpkin Patch

Monday, October 16th


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Ball well I think IBM is so there's lots of traditions that happen around Halloween time here in northern California DeVon did wind over the weekend with his Stanley. What do you wanna save up this gallon so well but I last year. 'cause we had to essentially newborn. Didn't do any of northern California faults stuff and hey. So we felt bad about it around early December and then at the shore like okay we're gonna you'd we're gonna do it all okay do it all. Last week apple hill should cross off the this year bishops pumpkin farm OK okay this past weekend. I Italian people all our bitches. All they want to do is this complaint. Should big corporate bishops Republican army didn't pay me to say this. I'm defending them okay well we were there. People or couldn't stop walking around. Complaining and bitching about how big should raise the prices on everything and some stop the used to be free is then I got to pay for it okay. They couldn't stop complaining about it okay everything wasn't proved. OK I ask a question and I did not mean defense and are here root. How old. Much can you really improve. Book. I'm not scrape question to. First of all they've brought them a team of Oscar winners to write the script for the puppet show now I I go to the show is terrible. They went on for too long did they weren't you know. But you left a bank probably get Q okay. I wanna sign that we're not gonna find out who if he wins the race he gets the cookie rescued bread recipe back you tell Matt. Bush. He's. You and me. The good rivals lesbian they had to keep it out of the end of the evil bear bond. Bickers now a million homes absent instead. Dabbing grades the puppet show into a deep mine anyway it doesn't let the petty little I think you're there. OK so remember Alice Miller the petting zoo Merrill looked like it was free okay you don't okay well. Things that I was always a mess there it goes too crowded. Like did the day it was dirty over there and stuff like that you don't hear the look at normal petting zoo. And yeah all personable there's a building that they built say words like a holding room where you go wimp. And you watch a movie on like five flat screens about how to act when your in the petting zoo. The holding room and the reason why they don't wanna let too many people in. So they have to wait for people come out and then you can go and I want you wanna do you Reich they actually people there when you're trying to. I don't carry around for actually pared down I still by doing that you've now made the experience ten times better because it's not crowded and you walk around your worry about losing your kids are your kid trampled by a big fact guy in our company like that that's really excited as you know Lama in pinellas. Right now. Everything. It was redone everything was rebuilt. Like eight really leave. And we are talking about how great allies doing it now yeah. Made that her. A couple of things look could be repainted to stop them the foods seemed like it was old improved a little bit but people just. Just complaining and I know that this is dubbed the pot call the kettle black because complaining of my. He's excited to have planned. To par was four feet. It was more the floor like god forbid it's free. Have to go first the ball slipped the ball you can walk in there you don't have the parking to be part there's no there's a feed of defense period. Here is. And then have a fun day of no one ever really pains like little sly and every a lot of drink lots of money but that's why it's free. You know still like. The hot evening and on guns like Greg hurt him but. Like Q Kelly not make money. Are we against that Stu rupees you to Lincoln Park charge you meet slowly dollars to feed the goats. Let's let's look I believe the goats what indeed fed to go to three dollars oddity greet they read it drew I don't. And the mold like you're laughing like don't do that deal. Canada. Still wake up call.