Black-Footed Cat

Thursday, January 18th

The cutest cat in the world is also the deadliest:


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Wake up call 165 the end guys that BBC has released a video. Of the Deadliest Catch in the world pay to get seat. Now I hope it does it why not tiger and it's a Breeden. The and it's not a tiger. Nor the lion OK eight. The black footed capped. You're I've gotten so big I do them that and then that's what does that mean anything to me the black including cat. Weighs less than five pounds it's one of the smallest captured Africa and it is also one of the deadliest act. I'm gonna show he's an adult. Dormitories still. I'm gonna show you something you know me I do not panic act guy yeah but I feel like this even appeals to non cat people okay. Text the word cat spelled. CAT and got it 73389. To watch the video that I'm about to play for TV and Kevin. This is the black footed cat. More home and I got. Actually that's the kitten. To. Kick back tomorrow and pulled my mom looks like. So let's and blue look at look at the time to the content it guys are so big guys are so big solidarity. You. It's like. The court he could be cat doesn't dump it in my. Luck luck and the birds love to see it right she's heard heard about the fly away and even a bird like white. It's okay food cat did happen I'd try to hold and it's. Thank you for asking now. All I wanna trip it's pretty exciting I can't sit so I want to hug get. Sleep cat that is under five pound. It's the miss Catherine admitted into the video. Eight foot long and could. He kill me. Which yeah it's the worst they can do be scratch and bite me I'd. I don't I'll read what was the percentage of how many of its attacks and didn't death 60%. Sixty kind of and that's why the daily. Like I don't know I. Really good killing these really good at killing and I don't care. What do you guys climb when they showed that video the video that we're watching if you haven't texted practice 73389 when you are away at why the hell have you can't believe they're a son and rob it's from the BBC it the major thing okay. They show a little Q bird that this does black when he chatted about the eat. Because you already in second. Clint did all logged on to this cat don't you why that Burton did die because. Yeah yeah. I'm about to burn it. Doesn't matter to me Don T matter to me to attack could take down what I have my cats who rent I would be like they roll the ball. Got they are old news of this article says with its brilliance senses in superb asked what a schism to survive and hostile environment of South Africa is a room deserts. It actually can have a twenty mile a night. Tracked like to find its pray why. During a cross bar across the nocturnal Leon's ski called on Africa. There's so good it. Our show. Decided that having one of these moon totally you would like even get firm rotten could they go really. Few could probably keep the whole neighborhood. Miles rat and bird free almighty god yeah you outline all. Oh. Tell you. It's gonna be great how I mean obviously the Denton get a deal I thought it was kinda. People are gonna die and that means all 60%. Ahead. At least. Or maybe a bit yeah. And I get an emotional support. Past and lesson hold on a second hold on with it we have feral cats that are wandering around the parking lot behind our building here on Madison avenue that we have specific instructions not to feed to do not talk to the cats do not anything but the cats I don't think bringing another. We parents and the T haven't able. Studio show me your job. Got it funeral. Widen leg blown my little. And yet be over again it may be how many have there been any kind. They are telling me this. That this plays wouldn't have so much more productivity if everybody would allow the big discount up again. Well Bonnie big rain on my god in hides it I grew so big Dodgers so big when hunt that little black goes. And all rain that we outlined Julianne I. Now. And yeah. Got a black for the captain it's gonna kill range bottom you know I'll I am awful.