Blair From Nationwide On Day of Caring

Friday, September 22nd

Cole, from the United Way, and Blair, from Nationwide Insurance, talk more about what the Day of Caring is all about...


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We could call broadcasting live from cal expo for the united ways Dave scary and it's far. Our buddy Cole is back he's the director of volunteerism. And community engagement for the united way tell us a little bit more about the event of people are just sitting in about what you guys have going on over here for the gave Kerry and it's two days of caring. Ethically right days of carried absolutely right so yacht today Friday we're out here we've got 25 projects going on across the region. And we are here at cal expo collecting school supplies all day as a part of that as our and you first annual stop the bus campaign so we're hoping to fill that school bus over there that you guys might have seen on line. With school supplies. This is great because I wanted to get on the school bus and yell at Kevin adds if I was the bus driver Janice and it was fantastic he was sitting in the back we told them to sit down. Don't talk to anybody put your seat belt line shut up and set up real bus driver quickly told us we don't do that anymore I have found a because our countdown there goes our own childhood. I'm so corny heavily it summit later this. Absolutely yes so we are so pleased that nationwide is our premier sponsor for the annual day of caring event for the fifth year roads here in Sacramento on they're about to drop off a huge load of school supply donations for stuff Abbas. We have I had not alone I'll let him make the big announcement of how much bet I'd like synergies Blair crossing from nationwide he's gonna tell you again. Me yeah right Lara. It's a little tidy up our Agricole is a global tall guys out. And this will thank you all for being here we pursue that so the drum roll please we have for the last. Three months we've been collecting school supplies we have nine bins of school supplies that are. I aide and asked at half staff jobs why are they on the bus. There they're coming they're coming on their way she got on actual have been doing all morning is whatever we get donations we've been making intern Kevin will. Blue line next to the bus I get to steps in that way I'm not running nine wins he should. Nine may. You could be so skinny by the time you leave your they've rattled as I've barely ran a back I could have let alone nine bad you can do it yeah I think you should I can do it too but then how I gotta get home. I'm ugly too tired I'll be taken up your car it's like yeah nothing else did it act very dangerous surf I think I'll call you guys collecting. These for the past three months we've been collecting supplies within our building from all of our associates we have about. 270 associates here in Sacramento we've got to 120 they'll be volunteering today that's amazing I love that it's coming from local people and staying here for local kids that's awesome they're certainly. Absolutely that's great. So while we're getting near broadcasting live all morning italics does have you have some school supplies you wanna come drop off please. Put intern Kevin to work. Make him do some laps around cal expo to go deliver the the goods in CB a school bus that we have over here actually you know we should do candidates or else the oblique view cart wheels are you guys are cartwheels as since that nationwide has been as super great about making their donation every bin that we put on the bus. Used to seeing the nation like jingle I love that I got it okay got it you gonna get a taste and why does not yes our. Are looking for instructs her. I'm a man package is my voice is that I've ever played without I've got a copy of the Wahid is what's one thing if he becomes your spokespersons like every insurance will that got a month Allen. 000. Yeah I've got a palette. It is not there's so I don't want a better question would be can get free insurance because right now he's paying like 700 dollars the thought about it not I'm not sad about it it's only three he would have four car acts yeah dobbs dobbs tell people not to put up or not my fault I delay anywhere does that clarify that space in my it is kind of hobbled player for a nation. I think so much for coming down and and in making this massive donation after the united way it's fantastic. I guess it will be here all morning that the united raised if carried happens today and tomorrow. He get more information on this stuff the bus. They Wes edit your local united way dot org he'd get more information there. And and cold thank you so much Vienna because you're out. These guys that is one that got anyone wants to also tax to support the school supply drew a donation today they can hide text 41444. And we will gladly take it that way it's who we really appreciate everyone's help and come on down CES these guys from the under awesome so it comes out from under us. Thank you so much the united based in caring the wake up call broadcast live at cal expo apple does expire at the end.