Boosting Self Esteem

Friday, May 19th

Katy Perry admits that she will google search "Katy Perry Hot" because sometimes when people say negative things about her, this helps to boost her self-esteem:


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Yeah yeah. Story Casey Berry trade you relatable she admitted that she she will Google search. Key Perry hot that is sad well she song I'm sorry that so it. Pathetic she said that sometimes and then they you know people are saying negative things about aryan had beats her up inside and what is she billed as a good all the damage that she's she has sometimes I'm putting Katy Perry hot and looked at patients were she looks great to say like they don't. Forget them you're okay. Europe my god well I mean but again she admitted it was silly but it helps Terry and sometimes it's a silly things that will. OK give anything silly you do to help boost your self esteem. It's silly but generally have my self esteem is really low. I can just like tree. She's just push the stuff down the brown as well that's what I'm saying yeah we take steps closer to addiction let's go. I feel terrible about myself fearsome shirt today and then have our you know at. Moon Chardonnay and I are having a party and then she's like nice an ailing don't think you shared mini. Chardonnay does sound like a very nice friend she'd. Intern Kevin posted on my day Manning. In turn can impose some eyebrows craze got paid agent I don't know I honestly haven't and its integration and posted on your face again adjacent to yours and you're gonna see him in the morning. Or ethnic cantel were you joking or not an ally you're your comments. Yeah I would. OK he's commented we Kevin comedy that's silly things you do to. Rages self esteem Kevin Rudd I look in the mirror and tell yourself on beautiful and I ambiguous kids our sincere or Katie you. Do you fit do you like actually out loud say no reason he was cow I was kidding Larry I know on beautiful inside and out you never have low self esteem now it's always up isn't that incredible and it's kind of man I. And I believe that you don't believe that you'd think I'd cry about my self esteem. Now I'm so proud of who I am you cry about other things now show a leg and I have been minding your mood and the you don't you don't ever like you hate your body know. Incredible carry out. Even if you don't really fear yeah you know. Island near without without your shirt on and go like how men. Get it together Kevin now I say. I have I am I'm fat but I'm beautiful here it's I embrace my flaws Conger you have got so Karl if we. Well if we see through our world today is any doubt at all and didn't hear a I need I think is silly thing media boosters up your minds not. Don't feel like your minds nearly as embarrassing as Katie is. Katy Perry's or as addictive as. GM I wake up call I'm. I will go on to FaceBook and I'll look up people that I hated in high school that you may or may not have been mean to me at some point or another or ex girlfriend right. And find out how much better my life is than theirs. Now you'll see that is better than just Google. Katy Perry I guess and I'll tell you why I get why. Katy Perry hot like just dueling bad put all of your self esteem and worth on how are you currently locked. And I got news for Katy Perry one day no matter how hard you work addict you're not gonna be hot. And Lee's mind is about usually accomplishments or things that I've done her choices I've made lower. On the flip side terrible choices that they may. Maybe her with her doing that hey it wasn't just like when I'm feeling down about anything was when people attacking her apple you have her. In the art world see it in the article there was some picture we're shoes and yawning and elegant double chin and someone said Katy Perry like do and she was like on and you. Met the Internet now you can't go on it is that good because the Internet and the mean girl yeah. Is but they can also be really funny till you know what CNN yeah yeah a little and you know like you know what trumps mean girl Internet. Mirrors. And figure Katy Perry and take your shirt off and look at yourself in the mirror and I'm bigger B you're already I am hot you need to Google. Comes up let me put that hey Don and. Tell you something tiny Google Keeney wake up call talk and the got really excited are split second because of Barry first thing that came up was. It's just me or is there are some things sexy. And I know I'd done is some good some post. About how sexy ad and I did not let. That's not the case and when you click get it is is supposed. To all the about isn't just me or is there is something sexy about the way Home Depot smell. I'm glad. Katy Perry OK I don't know why you're you've okay very hot goalie and image searches and then trying to Muster up some sympathy for that person she is flawless. I mean she is somebody that hasn't had a really bad act. I think her entire life. So perhaps she's got a little bit of bad feeling about how what now she's making hundreds of thousands of dollars awful all the commercial and give me an opportunity to just have a human brain where she does yeah yeah I mean until you have a human brain and she's allowed to have the human brain but at the same time though it's like really cable guys. I'll Google intern cabin. I thought I'm. 065 the end.