Bot Fly

Wednesday, July 18th


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And a six IV and Gavin. That's eight reiterate it go always go go. Right next street brought a warning here before we start talking about this. Fueled up but why is skin is I don't stroking it well you're about to and yes we should throw out a warning. Because that. Did work and come back from. So what does the bot fly. A lot OK. At the ladies it's angst. Inside. You know my god and that net. V and news trillions for me into like a war all right like alarm yeah why are we talking about this. Because my. It may want to pretty Ellen now I don't breads and are you guys that do joke or. To learn things that stroke so well. What was the video did they video all I have any bought. Five alarm rock removal. In the OK that didn't happen so women it's. This big this sets. This could be don't Wear these things are locate. Guessing. There's no wait to avoid that so maybe this is educational. Eight and I'm just telling you sound that I you can be prepared her. I have it here. OK sorry I it's an it was a girl sitting there. They got tweezers they Marty Meehan a little hole in her taken her back shoulder and back. He had Marleau bar MO bird I'll let. It alone oh god and god he's got something and he'd. Just try like. Look. Like he. Maggie. Right. I. I am going perhaps where I know. Watched. It showed like this likes the big taken out of her let me hall where she. This is a common thing. In recent deserves to be able to watch this West Virginia and urine to pull apply it takes fly isn't fly. Yet to explore and incriminating I want you to watch his high. I coating on it though I mean. It's it is interesting to watch sure but is it. Super gro how much leave after word yes this is so bad. They are found in Mexico. And central and South America heart we. Know we're well. OK okay this is what refugees there for I don't give me oh my god. So so you can make you. Will this acting is is when you look up an adult bot fly. It's probably that he noticed fly. You'll ever see it looks like a little blow the OK I need to see any Q what he's not wrong. We don't know are you lol he's Fuzzy yeah I'm much better than a normal fly it right there and get and I agree with you better now. Why does bear I don't know birthing process have to be so Skinner well I have to have they actually there isn't a warm blooded hope so I feel bad that these. Large. Are probably killed after their removed but also now. The how I gave an hour. As you like the shirt that says you're not wrong. So as being in as an animal lover as a lover of animals a hall. Would you allow some things so cute. To berth in your skin not Ellie and now know why. They shouldn't be allowed to be bird being in any little. A creature we warm blood and hosts think he limb but so what you're saying is you are unwilling to. I just think science needs to come through for the bot fly and we need to create a little. Little places where they can like do their business with that. LL create synthetic skin sure our heads there will come to use like fun habitat if you'll watch that video you two text the word fly after Al wide 73389. Game. I think I support us OK I think you're right you. And I think that you should starts. This should be your passion project you think this is something that is get a get people passionate and people are gonna. You know behind me and we can all do this and I don't think so after I. After a Google image search box lie. The first picture of an adult bot flies gray. The rest of them makes me think this let me see you are not thought you know he's not Fuzzy won I mean it's not so much that it's just the damage that it does to other it to other animals don't worry Gavin I'm gonna start all of they turn black in the. Now canceled it. You wake up call.