Boy Swallows Squeaky Toy

Wednesday, August 17th

A young boy had to go to the emergency room after swallowing his pet's squeaky toy! Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the boys hilarious accident...


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There's a video that's gone viral it really made me going what the hell how does that happen how how does this late. I guess you're messing around and happens anyway it's a viral video McKinney is in the emergency room and I take a listen. To this. Where. The emergency care and Larry your name them. I am album. My no he inhaled a dog eats away. And as you can hear it still in there page there. Can you share. So when he takes do you Branson's dove. It squeaks and and have given emergency surgery like CNN surgery. Yes I mean I I add I don't wanna wait for that the past noted I thought maybe this isn't the skull open out of members of what. How old is this okay he's I think he's at nine years older ten lake and easily. This kid nine years old guy and does this Gavin Gavin what's wrong with a solid onto. I know I. How well that was my question how could this possibly have any say he hailed it. Was he liked his playing with it in his mouth and just accidentally sent laughing and and I can imagine that could be why would you even put a dollar towing and now here's I think I bet I know I happen and they took the squeaky part out. We'll share let me put it in his mouth was screwed around involve them and then accidentally damaged or that it's funny I am my my dog insurers are Macy's to always just steal those out little plastic part out of the toys. So I just demanded on MacKey went to the fact that he saw just the plastic part to even think percent he made a small like I haven't been attached. That's what I saw progress the last place all the whole damn I'm dumb but like I have yet or saw anything really embarrassingly bad. No not like that obviously delight now I don't think so I know I know guy was trying to do a magic trick once. And he was of course you do any day without a party yeah. It's an. There isn't another person that it's not even a magician but tried to do a magic trick. Practice court room quote a party. Really Aggies try to imagine triggers a guy that he was drunk a smaller corner. That was the joke like contract boy we know we're away like it was like but it's like that was an accident too we try to do something I don't know ideally I'd never been in that situation this video though has gone viral and I feel bad for this kid that's embarrassing as all hell but it makes for a great lately earn Amorim. Emergency room. Larry and they care as on dominance from home but I and I and and I am a bully and I thought it was so funny and now. If you wanna see the video it's out we and a sense EST texting just the word toy TOY 273389. Texting generates may apply by the way his mom that video and with him going this the last time Tyler spends the night. Cut contract that.