Breaking News With Intern Kevin

Friday, January 6th

Gavin gave Intern Kevin the job of researching current events and explaining the news stories to the Wake Up Call. Listen to “Breaking News” with Intern Kevin:

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Please don't wake up call. Plus seven. Thanks for telling us shark. He's been busy you can dizzy just like trying to research what the news current event what he's taken what I thinking something is gonna be great. I look at the news and I go Kevin telling all about this Russian hacking. He has I don't know anything about it I go find it dummy everything about the you know and he just starts reading what's on the TV eyes and you know. Dig deep yeah reporter. Caught up with with all the facts tell us tell us like we know nothing about the Russian hacking here's breaking news with Kevin. I had been there is something to that I think a lot of people have no idea what's going on we'll good and they are gonna get all the basics here on facts right now I think it's irresponsible zodiac the Russian attack dean airs. We don't know yet could be linked to trumps when I mean the election over Clint and the Russian hacking and eighteenth. Hacking during though lax and was to help trump land and be Hillary Clinton and now accent. And that Obama I think sent some spies that he thought or spot Russian spy is back home are some like that yeah Thompson usually been at where where these Russians act as they were everywhere they are spotty. He's not good let's while I don't know Katie that's what I read in the article all the end okay did you read one article. Several I've read articles they all say the same thing written and their media alike all the big big head honchos of the government's. Are meeting to talk about Halloween. We need to not be friends with Russia anymore holiday retail Intel found no no march trading let them. Do we trade with Russia. No no we down when they do not. Well we don't know okay arouse under where oh where allied forces let them the only. Any sense. Where UN where union nine Neeson say explain that there when we're united as a nation. Arm and then yeah we want to. Question why they hacked are systems once it's like that's the question in my values you said you knew I didn't know they didn't back while we don't know very. About it. Well it's time did you put into this about thirty minutes OK I can't tell how well that in an Internet what is president elect downtown San Dallas. He says. I don't know what's happening I aid until he denies that he denies that he had stalked to the Russians to hack that. Now lacks and what he's not then you know I did this you said he didn't say anything they. And so who is meeting about that this does head honcho knew that I represented this time of the house com. A lot of old people writing a lot of old people is not yet there does seem robbers and a house the United Nations. President Obama. No he's not the only Dell's long ball play only deals local Michigan political. I feel like the United States this news politics sports injuries. Beers and sit meanwhile let's think it's not funny is this isn't wildly. Inaccurate and you should give us accurate I had. Today it is I'd rather read an article all. Today OK so where do you think is going to be like. What's gonna happen next would probably got a. I now have their hacking or not if they have we're not talking to Russia yeah and Carl can lob. Is exactly what they did austerity we're gonna do them there I. Only got a regional Brenda. And friend a month's fatal. What they did you have to ask this then what is every chorus gonna be other than not trading would ever even though we don't train. Well I know what they have thus far they have to ask for information they've released it to the public. About one of these. What information I don't Erma my most scandalous thing they threw out there. I don't remember it well it's just something about. Well I remember Hillary clay and stop. That made her embarrass. Why I. I like no hard. John Paul Light light to lay down like our our financials. I'm laying beside ourselves in the right. Your family history managers later here's a credit card to tell them fairly history. I think about energy the island usually. Daily. A game and spreader business all of my I didn't and then that. Did watch it that made her lose the election okay that who's saying that every one. Our committee heard committed no I'm not that that committee and as we are only towels now we are with you back committee. The governor elect said Pierre went there how well you know without a ditzy mean people her supporters yeah outlets I. Well. I can't tell. May I can't tell if Kevin has terrible. Just reading the bridge and skills or he port no. Then at all what I write our rob you're like do and you're just enough to not. Fail well let me play. Intern cam in just anger with what we had to send. Who. Oh governor bush and.