Buying Pokemon GO Levels

Thursday, July 21st

PokemonGO is a huge phenomenon. But not everyone has the time to go out and catch a bunch of Pokemon, so now there are a bunch of people who you can pay to play PokemonGO for you...


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Here are cult thing going on here all verified so. Around the world. He goes related. Hi I ate in Scotland got caught a moon roof of the building here crowbar in his hand to AM. When the please shut up is that I just I appear Plame post you can get out. That's not true we do need to have his phone with apparently. Can I was playing Pokemon Gobi need excuse for me night. Miss work now will that how little. This is a great thing here in this is that really for intern Kevin anyone who's spending most their dancing Pokemon gal. A ton of accounts have gone up for sale on eBay Pokemon go accounts for sale people who made like super high levels are getting entering guarantees on level when you're 21 which probably means on thirteen or fourteen. Oh people are selling their Pokemon go accounts on eBay when they hit the high levels. In and people are offered offering them thousands of dollars for them so they can go bright and. Can you be proud of the year and pokey status. In the U somebody else an all the hard work for you you don't tell them. It's like your name haircut. He said house of hot body of your proud about Eric not right any are you you and Harry just like glad you okay. So so you got a haircut I K and you go around afterward right and and amigos likely look good and you're like I do all right it's that they haircuts ogre you'd do with the damn thing huge audio and I'll be arrogant that they shell answer you have got a tummy tuck. Right same thing same concept you do any work now some some doctor did he grab all your scan all star. Like you love the way you look you're proud of you know so like its thinkpad page urges they're just basking in the eyes score Pokemon gul who cares how they got a quote on. Load they've all I do they've all three of my life. I care about I care about hard work is that in this country since the same content or use your haircut thing it would be like at the new trends cutting your own hair most people's side to had to be bald patches in seven someone wants say new page to get a haircut he goes you ask. I cut my own hair look I it is better than yours you're like wait is it you know you didn't there's no way you did. At what it. Yes I did stupid the whole thing is still but I'm trying to find out a way to just by the Mendez and defend defend them a little bit. Like I personally would never pay somebody a hundred bucks to beat it video game or we just that I could stand next to the TV is DMC and rolls. I would never do that but I'll do my son and oddly you get inside you get the bragging rights by. I do eating Nvidia video game and I buying big Smart and a diet that's my boy I would dare try. And the puppy talk and the like that you don't got that credit. Other people did. All peoples all over your FaceBook page now like oh you look so great now right I don't think any human. That. I met Mary Altman about back that's the difference. When you get plastic surgeries so all you had gets busted nose mixers and the like Bambi like why go out and she'd like that showed a problem. Being Boren. I do sometimes feel Miley just you know we'll see. Since Little League team on Pokemon right and they bought it they paid for an expert like you did they paid an X Kurt. To get that that's that is for them or that look good 82 lovely if you look good you know. And so many go low blow. Why you yeah. Yeah. And Gergen I heard. They got it back and country words. For the record when you know what about. Paying people to teach you how to play better when I was real little kid had to break dance lesson be talked about that's. Before you talk about monopoly. Yet MA I thought. Highlighted street cred so I was this talked we how come I don't talk about Tommy duck out. Well let's head and that is what people were trapped and I couldn't do I go figure out nice cardboard so they say they what they did is they got two guys I mean no big break dance. Oh they couldn't but right now like I. I'm trying to Agassi is that say TI agents had cool clothes now they just pound guys who fit the profile I get airline and the dean is jumpsuit. Yeah. And they write our kids moonwalk whatever but anyway like. I tried to learn we pay my parents paid so I can learn to doing it wasn't like they paid them a thousand dollars and I would go to school Muehlegg CM dancing. That's me. And bad and yet yet I just did that adds me. But my point I know what your point yeah it hurts my feelings but it makes a lot of sense. Half dozen friends so you. You can understand the people who pay for level a team on the back. Can't amnesty and then be like the crowd did the saw myself like I LD I did my own let me out to be fair we don't know that they are in all fairness I'm telling people you do you're on thome to. Well under Mary guys they're dying to see pictures.