Candy Or Consequences

Tuesday, October 24th

The Wake Up Call play a game called "Candy or Consequences" to see who is better at guessing what candy bar is described: 


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165 PM try to Halloween week Joseph the wake up call us one of our favorite holidays and we're gonna play new game. Which we don't do these kind of games very often worry just play amongst the show. But it's called candy or consequences. Here's what we're gonna DO Katie has the ingredients of popular Halloween candy and just by using the ingredients we have to guess which Keeney she's describing. The winner. Take some appoint. The loser. Passage take a big bite out of black licorice. You know ground instead the only thing we could find was the gigantic industrial sized tub of black liquor. And that's the so I'm monster now high and all that. Behind your back Kevin's been talking a lot of trash and proud end and he even think he had the mayor and the interview well. Handyman and I believe that if anybody looks can be on the show it to Gavin now. Well me these are all common these are all candy bar so okay calling your name out okay. Well all right hey blank came we are consequence here in the wake up call. Number not at chocolate. Malt new get topped with Carmel and covered with milk down putt. Three musketeers now. Milky Way yeah. And it. I wasn't too good third and almighty god. On big cities like you made an error. I have a drink Yeager right now that have deep black panther Fred Barnes other Hollywood. Okay Nigerian delta American council author lay out to about oh my god make in my stomach. Ready you know new. Topped with care now. In milk chocolate didn't. I'm Gabriel baby out. Rain yes snicker yeah. How many. And blends well about I do the area who'll mind. I actually can't do us hey by the Atlanta the well know winning feels real good over here. Doesn't know why can't I can't pay your own I ended until I got. You know you're ahead of the game you're out removes seems. How. Is now. Evidence and the. It's not yet and improve our hey I hear any now fallen to thirty. Now how does women feel over their main. And yeah. It's not again another. Bob my eyes water is still growing you lie you had Ed OK. Okay Chris keep Cole. But every year now. Larry I ever at the council. Harris says CB would know her own quest is making some. Wow a garage that yeah you voted yeah how I want things he'd probably mid days that I mean he's still months and ER yeah so. I'm not winning very tired I have two new candidates to Gavin has none I'm aware at that point yeah. Let's press the Bessie did this happen. A bank Nigeria Geiger where are playing came to your consequence. If you get the question on your. Three as a way to our car and I already know what they're elated my favorite. Yeah great it was cheating I didn't know the war. Alone lose oh my god I never thought of yeah. I love candy really are and I literally my meld the phenomenon barely usually in and around. I'd say. And every. I don't have the really good I may not big day I go back and okay. Miss the white or dark chocolate cups filled with peanut I don't. I yield a failure on my name and I've recently in America. Right top that's my theme ran. Thailand and a lot of cool and what Arnold. I'm a bit of a Lake Erie car mold covered in milk chocolate. Bird yes I'd clicks yet. You upload sir it's. And Xstrata about a month. Are you wind up having my life and hurting intervention yeah. Keep telling people you have your she may have BD yes I do my diabetes well you you have free diabetes pretty tight food I. Me no no no I have diabetes but this lot is live went out some chocolates. My. She heard some people I mean now we know why he has pre diabetes he's been prepared for this yeah. And I button in the next let's Steve fast food. 165 BN to.