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Friday, January 19th

The Wake Up Call updates listeners on what is happening now in the world:


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Boy world premiere again coming up 705 in the wake of 16 idea. The wake of so I hate group is proposing to break up. California. Into a new state called. No California it's all have to separate states and they want new California. To be the 51. State. In the United States here's the story. Should California be broken up into separate states it's a question it's been discussed and debated many times before. And today the latest group of feels it should it took the first steps to make their vision of California more of a reality marks and is in now with more on this part. Yeah good evening and the group is proposing to form what they hope will be. The state of new California basically separating rule pounding us from existing urban areas to be clear they don't want to leave the United States they went to expand it becoming state number 51. Now all they wanted gerrymandered. The state they wanna make sure they get their way on every thing. And what are they what they wanna cut out it's hilarious. So if you look at them now I'll record the proposed new California. Regular California is gonna include San Francisco and Los Angeles Orange County. Austin Barbara Monterey Bay coast yup in Sacramento. The new California. Will include all of the rural areas of California. C and Diego. All they want say the thieves greedy and rose bail. Yeah they weren't you can't Eldorado in Eldorado hills they could literally splits. So that the border runs in between Sacramento Roseville in Colorado mills. Correction coming you can be going. Out of two states constantly yeah. That's an. Area especially. And on top of that if we. Everything else so it's all the rural and affluent suburbs of California. Okay now just be clear the we noticed this happening is very low it's gonna take then many months to kind of figure all this out they Marty creating eight. Declaration of independence for the new talent isn't written out bar napkin. Web site looks very professional it has flash it has stock photos I mean. Scored just the track. Itself out we said okay let's let's let's hypothetically. Discuss that if there happens to be a new California. Some of these things that could be included in the new California. Like California already has a state song. In a state mammal. In a state paints. What California's gonna have to have new stuff right OK okay so we've put together a list of all the new things new Californian should have. In certain Kevin is in your good morning intern Kevin good might mean. Finally cabins answers. Our letter it's okay we wanna go or animals that Kevin through last okay cell for new California. What did you guys come up with four state fruit I think GT. That hey not bad I sit Cahill which isn't a free but they won't make it for. Okay may I said the plan TE book that looks like a big man but doesn't it looks grosser than a banana can just like that California will look like the grows version of. I don't have a say apple. And the law. Wrote. Yeah. All I know now about the candidate right now excellent speak mammal. OK I have to say that can nice. The grizzly bear is the count. California. Now arguing. State Bayer not state me am I could. Tied it at Ball State bears very specific. Rights and used ticket that I've got to hope exit puller I hope you simpler I don't mama bear. Thrill what did you look for new Gallup or his statement I didn't to have a state bear a buffer state mammal I put the chill one. Chilo I don't appropriate I got. I said elephant seal just like my last one its gross out OK okay got pretty grim new cal where we grow OK okay. Okay it's sure real. Chaired. That's that that's easily re okay well. On next one state defense. Is an exotic. Tough up and. California hasn't stadium Toby West Coast swing and current form my suggestion to the new California. Pole dancing OJ. I would say yeah I sit interpret them because its socks and kept working our. All I don't know do you have. How Tony eighteen if you ask you a case of California's state motto is and a half a failure during. What do you think new California State motto should be girl I come. God I'm mines usually employed there. Of garden actually all of caliber right I put down we need huge mistake that I. And Kevin that boy you all alone. I'll live by any clever 'cause they would have your fans and I I'm not an hour a day last line. On what is cal California's state song is this. Beautiful yeah. OK I love California okay what do you think new California states on should be I think that new Gallup lawyers say Assange should be that. Sorry not sorry. Yeah. Down bargain well they can't have a bit 'cause it sung by somebody who is a resident of Californians right and that no work well. All they don't even growling and. Gal oh I was put Kevin down for state map mobile but I thought you. Thank god I thank you guys she uses the states are confident guy Newsday song for new California I put. She thinks my tractor sexy back Kenny Chesney. How could. Separate track overall area I'd never put bowed out yellow for the cup. And Bengie. I think there State's long should be I'm proud to be in America him by Lee Greenwood. Sung by one person whistling poorly. So it's kind of cleared it's just it's. To and it's a lot of breath he whistle and I love. 01065 B and. Yeah. And it's all day. This isn't really the whole thing. How is this. It's columnist. This yeah. About them. I was think about the dangers. Underground motor merchant that's well passenger van at a small club in Minnesota and it's the last item Versa. This morning my name in the stock. Chemical rarely has. Yeah. You told me there. Isn't even good no game. They. Beyond his record. Okay I'm singing. It's. An engineering golf and I'm glad. Wish I mean it's all coming out of the terrorist. So we had gotten myself some of the bottom that's coming soon there's no way.