In Case You Missed It 2-22-18

Thursday, February 22nd

The Wake Up Call discusses why a flight had to make an emergency  landing , but find out why on today's "In Case You Missed it."


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Casey this yeah. Eight flight from Dubai to Amsterdam had to make an emergency Wayne being in Vienna. After a fight broke out on board of the plane. You passengers started duking it out because one passenger. Wouldn't stop passing gas. This is true story I could not make this up this happened last week semen were sitting next to each other. In the very flat shall it Maine and started do you it's hard to deal. Bomb. Cause a stink our way this error. The guy next salaam. Started complaining. To the flight attendants hey guide he is guy over here and keeps the audacity to go grassy. Can you move them to do something about it dating do anything but captain had to intervene. In Saint Louis in you know maybe moved to another part of the playing your disrupting the passengers that didn't help now let's turn this plane around boys. Seven words were exchanged. This started to fly the captain in Maine how to make an emergency ended before it even got teamster. OK so an emergency landing just think about that for a second and I'm content to landing. Leading our deadline it is to do. You think that adds a blight on the slide. Now I'm not but I mean you be you've got to hear screw and sub upper when you're here because everybody like. What airport you fly in do they are expect you iGoogle. How long it takes to fly from Dubai to Amsterdam a day as I don't know geography sure. Seven and a half hour honestly. My David do you it is usually a direct flight okay sell it to your sit next to somebody. It's this and a flight to LA from Sacramento. Like your thumb sit next to somebody who stinks. Next did for an hour in change yes I can make that a hike if I can figure that okay. Seven and a half hours though you're trying my patience like it's never been tried before is that. A really stinking person will keep you wake share this could sit there quietly. And they get to Vienna eight take the people off of the plane the network complaining. And he laughed at the gas C guy on the plane. And then he wasn't. Fight right I don't now and then two women sitting in the same role as the men that were upset were kicked off the plane Terrell. Sir it's all for more people. That we're complaining about gas guy on the airplane. Were kicked off in Vienna can really get to Amsterdam do not acting is like sorry I had a bad or read anything. 1000. And saying so. Haven't reduced. Fat. I got on outlets they southwest flight okay. Could I just. Our whole way and no one can do neither. Yeah what I mean it's illegal to do that. You're at up public health risk or anything like that. You're just ignore me like think about any teams so beyond and knowing. God I mean it is beyond annoying but he. It's really that bad would read out your mouth the key just figured out like it's gonna get to a point where you're gonna you're gonna fight for. I think it's going to probably of the situation of like hey could you please stop flirting and the guy who must've been like. Now. The sort of indignant about it as if like he didn't care if the people around him were upset about it I mean why didn't he makes having more match if that. It was if that was me I would immediately do they use smell that you'd delve that I. Let me get this like it's what you had to be like a real conversation pay. Heyman can we have a quick chat. Hewlett Cassie it's getting to be a little obnoxious. To meet you. And alleviate the situation can I turn on the little air blower. And like blow in another direction in any or something I mean I feel like. Especially you know you wanna have a confrontation clearly for people that kicked off a flight in the middle of Vienna which wasn't even part of their trap. They got stranded there and probably a big weight to give jump on another flight of litigants stranded anywhere. Vienna and sounds nice. Om and actually so none of the passengers or kicked off the plane were arrested because they hadn't broken any line item. But they've been banned. From flying on that airline in the future. Those people that fought the guy yeah this here's what I think happened at all that these people. Were all up that they all knew each other. But there were just rallied Dutch family or something like that exist what a rowdy Dutch fans yeah yeah and. Much. And I talked people what are you know Bob dot about Amsterdam I know nothing about Amsterdam but I do have relatives that are adapts. Mason lovely. So kickoff I don't think they got drunk and then started to like accuse the one. We wanna have later on one of them like they're sitting in Vienna lake still Stewart about missed their flight and stuff like that. And then one of the girls got kicked out she goes right they got something but don't be mad. It was me half the 165 B and.