In Case You Missed It 4-16-18

Monday, April 16th

The Wake Up Call talks about how Tristian Thompson's IG has been invaded by people posting "I hope.." comments. 


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Should this. Last week on Israel radio show we broke the news to view about what we card ash again. And baby daddy Tristan Thompson where. Tristan was busted. Cheating on Chloe card as she and while Chloe was pregnant and excessively. While she was excessively pregnant and then at. Khloe went into labor had a baby. Beautiful baby girl congratulations to her that we did find out that tryst in why is in the delivery room. Amidst all the. Allegations. Of cheating. Videos of him cheating and videos of child. Well of course a social media never missing an opportunity to roast someone. Decided that they wanted to start the. I hope movements I've never heard of this before I have any there at its IB net I think it's neo. And I know I know that we have probably pushed you. The the audience all five review as far as we possibly can on the store and but trust me. I hope troll. Is so strong OK and so funny like a positive note we not we originally were like I think this ship has sailed leader Reid probably touched as much is we can about the Khloe Kardashian situation it was an enemy. It was Katie was intern Kevin. Producer game that felt like we should talk about this today. Yeah and death felt like that we should bring this back up in touch on this I hope movement social media starting. In their blast against tryst in times I've begged you guys I Ben Q which is highly unusual considering the subject matter yeah your I mean hate her. So can get us an example of what this I hope movement is O with pleasure. By the way this is sent to me by a listener. Comments like I hope you miss a belt loop the next time you a little. These are like they come up with universal. Annoyances. Right I hope that happens DO and god. There's little funny. And I hope every time you drive you. Navigator you miss your turn. I hope we knew we'd paid through the hot she hits your cheated. Every single time. I Obey every time you go out to dinner and the waiter walks by it won't know this flu. I know when you order a mile Mickey. Paul I know every time you either chocolate chip it's actually air raid about. I know when you'd try to make a sandwich there early and black. I don't every one gets the old snapped back in Tripoli. And then yeah. Yeah. I hope black trying to hit you with a stroller with. Well let me let me go to old garden route to bread sticks I know you're on the verge of speed for the rest of your life. I. I hope you every couple of days get a paper cup between your thumb and finger. And that you always will forget all about it and then you put him there and try to. Yeah. I hears it land I help every time you self check out lane it tells you please remove the item from the bagging I. Big good one I know every time your right how's your day auto correct change is that the how's your dad. Every time we turn to butter your bread you go by cold butter so it doesn't spread to her ribs although you grab a. What. Got the old law. I hope you try to parent ballpark and takes you six tried it Diebler watching. I vote. Well the Islamic barber ladies when you put on mad scare around. It adds that does your eyelid that you have mascara all over your island kid gets well one that on there it you've got eye shadow on dreaded knock you ruined every. They didn't they didn't leave out the fact that. Tristan Thompson might be a woman and another odd ones I know every time we do away liner it's funny ha ha. It's slow. Great there's so many album just go to the program paycheck any of the any of the policies putting up. I don't every time we try to got to beg your (%expletive) hits the metal frame. I know you always put your. And even when you turn it around it's. Somehow. I know very then go to the club humans can be dried. And the last slowness in my favorite in all real honest I hope you get a vasectomy. Fool. Me hello all I heard. 16 again.