In Case You Missed It 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd


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Casey this. Existing. It's. I like to help his angst in the the tour is a. So a couple of weeks ago we talked about the beast they Drake can push since he had essentially bringing back the old hip hop rivalries that we had from the nine east. So what does another one brewing. Lil Kim and I was in front did yeah I was was confronted by a guy in interviewer and asked a couple of questions regarding. Nick demonize in court TV in here's what she had to say about it. Wanna be would you win in rappers. I know that listening to Q what do you make of ingredient and even the current impact on Italy and Heidi Mac and now. I'll exciting. And I am ready I hit it I had to have that baby. Did you you're G-7 there I don't know the other line lies she said I'm pretty fast receding gadgets. I grew up listening to you what do you make of ingredient in the current impact on any of the Chinese actor and the law. Lol all okay. Just start are we. Well I did say obviously she dads know who making an eyes general goers but I mean. You think that. She could've gone in honor harder. She could've. He did in which makes it even worse I. Oh boy that's like when someone is so. Elect didn't. Like. It makes even more guys that you go away and harder on somebody that means the you know air had a bit about Indiana there. In LA there's like for instance. There is another morning show in this in this city they go visit us pretty hard yeah and we take it as a compliment all thank you for carry so much about you get real estate in their brain again because most days we are unaware of. Yo. Kim actually released an album called Black Friday. Which was a play I need to demonize his debut album pink Friday and and called it Nikki a Lil Kim clone it in a wannabe will. Americans one mile. So it really is being their president eyes did something to alone can't. Isn't that you put anybody else. Follow I'm Kevin just can't having my. And angry. Because Lil Kim nuggets coming out her real sideways. I can't answer your question Logan has beat but eight years Elian and a lot of other ones a lot of other celebrities as well. OK so why is she. I think she feels the rat and that they humanize is a better rapper MC looks. Honestly battered and little camp even after her plastic surgery. Luck a little cam looks pretty scary. And with applied what's her now about. But it's. The drama between Nicky when not in little cam I live and we'll carry blue there's always been drama surrounding little Kim because it back in the day she hooked up with a notorious BIG how when he was married to Devin hasn't yet. That's true right so I. And I. Could even be about. It's not a bad as it was still going to music school play in the glare that. I'm just saying that true that now looked well I'll look at. A little Kim has always had some beef that's followed her rounds so anyway this is it unusual but Kevin in that in the big picture the big scheme of things right. Sell little Kim she's no she's she's one of the original ladies of hip hop Susie is a lot more experience and Nicky and party. So. He's really think it a rap battle at Nikki. And in little Kim that Nicky can pull you yeah. You sound like you're a little kid. Sorry I'm just acquire should play devil's advocate here because. Sounds like little cam that we can't. Do I don't make humanize would be little cam because she's current. Seized the knicks don't have time. Has nothing to do with it nearly as always Bator know it's not all it is rusty invented aids I need. As I there are all things are coming back ending news so being like an all things seem for a popular right now. This is on just going to be in DOS when he humanize releases her new album OK when that. Soon it's called queen is there going to be clarinet on no no laps from. How could make the arguing Kevin I know that you like to pretend that anything that happened before you were born doesn't exist. But couldn't you make the argument that there would be no Nikki the knowledge it'll work for lol I. This is some truth get that little Kim was one of the first female rappers that like. Was like heart but also. Like all. I mean kind. But I didn't think you may not saw little cam has IOC is a rapper but I can do way better wider C need all this fame. And what what what's better what's better about making an Irish town wants he can sing and rap. And he he's an honest I mean you don't figure out a little hard at skill sucked okay I'm I have 165 B and.