In Case You Missed It: Alexa Laugh 3-13-18

Tuesday, March 13th

Alexa has been acting out and randomly laughing and it is freaking people out: 


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Don't tell a story about the Amazon excel which it's cool that it's growing in popularity a lot of people are are spending the 120. Bucks to get them. I want in my office I went for my parents. Well. Currently I am there was a little hacking that was done. Because. Now all of a sudden. Armed there's a creepy laugh that's been occurring with the Amazon Alexa. I don't find it. There's little pared. That's like them. This story when this story broke out. I at first look like Obama on. And then the more I started to. Like. Find out about it and like look into it that's scarier and scarier. This story got Z audio. Well let sad. Read thing. I. Let's play the best sound. They're different versions of it. And like it Hershey just like electric randomly I think people like that kind of funny but then you start reading tweets from people. And start and reading scenarios of why people are complaining about this and it's like. That would scare I would chuck it out the window as fast as I could. Doesn't know why haven't. The it on fire. If you will be saying like I live in an apartment by myself and I was just laying in bed. Reading a book and from the other room. The other room I just here. So it's more. It. And not just didn't like you've collected do something she giggled something she doesn't. Completely got her own most of the time she doesn't completely on around. All yeah yeah yeah. It. Much of all of that out I have one Google home I cannot figure out how to do an electric and Google won't go along home like. What it first came out I have those goes all of the house we can use as an intercom number I told you that place. She lives one of those fancy house they weren't in nineteen dollars on Amazon twenty aims Disney you have it in the room that you're not allowed to lock in to 2 PM when. I was tighter room that was so nice and the wine cellar drag you. Okay. IGoogle home please say local homes garb. Home my whole heart and that's the boy yeah that's true I'm gonna have that never dead. Picture this your home. Your you glad you're glass of wine or earth very no one's home no until you just got done watching a real housewives marathons. Turn the TV off. Turn all the lights off down downstairs. You're getting ready to go upstairs and just as your top foot hits the top step you hear from downstairs. You literally woods is really good move. And the UK now I can't go downstairs. Earlier. Oh my idea not so Amazon said there are aware that user reports of the user reports of these. Mysterious laughing fits that Alexa has there already working on a fix. But that's. All they would say they would say why it was doing it they wouldn't say if it was hack. And. Lacks. The dead teen. Over boiled or it may have would go out and we all. 1065 B and.