In Case You Missed It: Apple Store Robbed 8-16-18

Thursday, August 16th

In case you missed it, the Apple store in Roseville Galleria was robbed!

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Crazy stuff at the gallery on Tuesday night's the Apple Store inside the gallery was robbed rule acts at least one iphones were stolen Hume MacBook pros possibly iPad many were taken from the store they don't know. I mean they're probably still doodle inventory on a mini. Target by now. Well odd the police department says the suspects all worked to cut the security cables from the devices nannies on the table at the very front of the store you don't you walk into the Apple Store gallery at the and they all of the phones set up and handled the computers and all the ipads and everything. A lot of armored tethered to the table with like a metal chords okay this doesn't happen apparently it walked to one iphones and respect. Hi team cutting all of these chords and in cutting the cord on the MacBook. Air. On its is four suspects were wearing hooded sweat shirts and they were covering their faces Chelsea is on the phone with those 2 morning Chelsea. Chelsea you were actually at the Apple Store gallery when this happened. You work or do you Wear your customer. No I don't I'm impeccably back. That black. And I was going and had to pick at Miami computers my can they are fixing the screen of. Did June notice these suspicious people in the forties with their faces covered. Now. It happens so quickly. There's gay hit it where you could see their face is clearly. Armed. I don't now because. One of the guys were standing in the corner and I don't like over in I don't know you know how to remember it works out don't call me on anything back. I can't they wanted to in the corner and he was just standing. And he wasn't doing anything at something and it can't. Obviously we're Apple Store struck at about anything Chinese he went I went by grabbing anything it was just kind of watching. I don't even par he was like with this group is what you're saying. From what I I can remember about three it can't patent for right now let's at least three weeks. And they all came and then they had. Just grabbed everything to attract and they just ripped the court balance one that it's right out what I liked intact and are going to have a laptop and. What I don't know. Random person tried to grab the guy's lap time. I think one of the customer's right to help. And try to grab one of the diet. All. Of the you know obviously try her property in late spring and then I. God by the time I'm laughing because I don't want mandate out hopes. But that's the only everything in our Internet rulers to get standing around like. Well maybe you just sitting there because it's so hard to find somebody can help you out and out into the. Yeah. So it's going 93 minutes of dealers the inning there. People are people like try to get out of the way that he'd be able Seaman scared or nervous at all. No I did when I'm trying to say I am I'm not mad at myself but I didn't just take the precaution and get on a grounder immediately because they can happen anywhere in Atlantic. And it's just kinda. That's what I would cut the price ballot everything that's going on. You know it could have been anywhere I just showed it to everybody should I don't know what what are apple people trained to do credit to. Every trick or read Italian did you powered down we now we're talking about the Apple Store at the gallery yet that was robbed the of the night this is Chelsea she was actually in the store when it happened. And members were beaten so called that and like just letting it happen that that I. Am ready kids and historic. And there are a pair a few. Remember seeing any like really not certain that I'm sure there where like yeah. I mean after thinking it through and I don't what I locked and that I am and I look back on an hour and a write edit out my era. And on Tuesday you know ED I a critic. Two bit to cap and their daily and you know like there's people and not nearly it might. Are there and it really bit and I was thinking on and I and you not get to you about it afterward it was probably. Treat our people look at times go to guard at a bipartisan there on my own you know dat they happen. And it's an electronic but it apps which had them and I made an eight security card in my opinion. Tell us don't let abruptly changed now assumes there you have I mean nothing. Oh. What new. IPhone comes out they get security and I'm trying for I try to. All right yeah. Was in the whatever this robbery was at the Apple Store at the gallery yet. If you know someone that magically walked in your house with twenty new iphones and Mac books. These slipped ever so thank. And the uncle Sacramento crime stoppers that number's 1808. A crime and what did you report them on people probably were the ones that held up this Apple Store and rose writes. Cheryl Chelsea thank you so much you sound I think everybody ended up okay yeah I definitely think you.