In Case You Missed It: Bride's Letter 8-17-18

Friday, August 17th

A letter from a bride to her bridesmaid went viral. the letter is an un-invitation to be a bridesmaid because she lived on the other side of the country and couldn't stay for the reception: 

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Casey has. And his son viral post that's going around the Internet that we've found. Hilarious. A bribe the name Alex decided just weeks before her wedding. To on invites a bridesmaid. Accordent. Because she could not pull off her duties as a bridesmaid. With even the request that Courtney is the right outfit be mailed to the bride so she can give it to someone else. Sao went down. It's cold. That's Alex had asked Courtney to be a bridesmaid in her winning Courtney agreed. Even know she lived across the country and she's trying to get error her masters at Dartmouth. So was the wedding was getting closer. The bride wanted the full bridal experience with the bachelorette weekend and then. Two weeks later the full attention further bridal party on the day in the entire night the wedding while Courtney said she is struggling to balance. School with the wedding shoes juggling things around trying to make it work which she told Alex that she knew they'd have to miss the bachelorette weekend. You have to fly home a few hours into the reception the date of the wedding to give back to school because the wedding is on Sunday. Well Alex wasn't too happy about this she decided to replace Courtney in the wedding. With an email. Or Iberian DeVon wakeup call is going to read. That email. It's added. The rat yes. Is exactly how he came out of her hand. Hey girl. I'm not. Slow are glad to hear you booked flights. I am sorry classes they're taking such alarm time to sort out I have a massive favorite I ask you though. I need to ask you go to relinquish your duties as brides because. Just come to the wedding and had a fabulous time when I ask you though. Iowa was hoping. That you could be part of this whole thing you. A bachelorette trapped. At least the week and Pratt and all night of the event. Hunt Sunday night flight means you won't even be able to be there for the whole wedding. A whirlwind nature I'll YE art travel. Has become just one war with the duties as a party member. Please. Do all of BL IQ are you kidding me down I mean you did do that. I love you oh and Dolly you hear friendships. Old Mac. She. And I know this is incredibly awkward but could you holy mail that jumps at ten need to give to your replacement. And and it. I sat on the phone a lot mean now I'm promised we're totally cool on my electric. I see clarification how the brits. I couldn't jump suit like. Is that like the bright leads to stress is they have bright main job is on her in that. I haven't see probably because even private like I want girls to be able to use them. ORU don't think she wanted to have her wedding be like. There are different than anybody else I don't know but. She's awful okay so let's ask the question is this bitchy yes because such an upper. Right. The reason I guess is that now it's her wedding right at Russ and I know there are brides dollars and totally understand and it's your wedding it's your day. If you ask someone to be bridesmaid. And they king yet to be a part of it part of the reason shinji you as dubbed bride. Have the opportunity to rule ask someone to relinquish that duty give details about that wants to be a part of it and didn't have to also add. I don't think it's that the bridesmaid doesn't wanna be a part of it it's just that she has a busy schedule. So I just like she's trying to and to let our rights and somebody you really feels like. This is your day you don't invite anybody you don't feel like. You don't. Feel obligated to do things away somebody else warrants. Mappings. She did this girl I assume because it's her good for them. She did not know what's going honor good friend's life and under sea and that she's on the other side of a country trying to get her MBA is so that's probably gonna make things. A little more complicated than the number one original. Didn't rain did she say that she wanted to be yet the bachelorette. Ready and in in two weeks later the wedding right okay so when she's just. Pets that she can't be there for all of that. It's like the people who say I. Week you don't you the birth day. As your mother labored for seven day don't know what that's like if I remember that week and then mad at somebody is that every single day. Right the fact that this girl already bought air fare right. Meeks this. Our contract. Yeah I'm sorry bitch you can't get out of it now she's your bridesmaids she paid issue fly across the countries that should I pay at 430. Some dollars to be your dumb ass loud and so at this point. And debate she does Wear her jumpsuit and I've she wants to leave before the reception as though she's. The that. Better light is the that she's leaving because she got there's something else he'd rather be doing it. It's so shaking and light and I bracket got across the country right. To mention like. You know I obviously but didn't like airfare is more expensive everything. So the process of getting what ever the am bride wants you to win here can be. Struggle especially if you've ordered online because you can go with everybody out ride last wedding I was analysts are in turn stem cell cabin officiated at. Luckily we were all able go to the same store right and then we can try simple on the Air Canada. She advised on mine and you do the shoes that she had a deal that set. All hardware or. Did somebody else. So it did not and B are the party. Twice somebody did text and say this is the biggest day of her life and she needs to make sure it goes smoothly she wanted her friend to be part of it but. Obviously her friend has other priorities she can be there toward the letting. She just can't be there for all of the other ridiculous stuff that goes along with that and private priorities. Do you mean getting her degree. I got the bright or that I. I have to leave but what it's like the middle of their money. I have to leave there as it currently in because I have to go get my kids. The babies that are he would stay a lot of runs and pentagon like above. I see your priority on Garnett never mind don't even come and 165 B and.