In Case You Missed It: College Acceptance 6-19-18

Tuesday, June 19th

Mr. Clarinet guy sued his ex-girlfriend for deleting his college acceptance email and sent him the same email made by herself that he was turned away. We talk about all the craziest things exes have done. 

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Case you missed dad. In this is as close to clarinet music as I can find. Side I think this is this is just training stack well it's through that gap industry kind Cornet. We really matters at this point there are. We tell this story about a kid named Eric. Who's Canadian who was. Planning to go to be very prestigious. Music school Los Angeles. It was not cheap either so he found out a couple years ago that he did not get accepted. Into this school. Well come to find out. His girlfriend of five months so it tie used his acceptance into this school great question Katie how did she do it. Well she hacked into his email. When he received the acceptance letter. She responded back to the school reject seeing the captains and. Lead in the email he never knew and got the fight she made a fake email account mailing him a new email saying that he got rejected. Sell a couple of years went by Ike he ended up meaning the what are the teachers the best clarinet teachers in the world. And they had a very unusual. Confrontation. The teacher asked why did you reject our acceptance in the coming to the school and he said I didn't reject you and you rejected many. Now all it would back and forth well come to find out he did some digging and found out that his girlfriend at the time it's sabotaged. His entire plan to go to this school. He sued her for that 300000. Canadian dollars and why and I mean how I know how win. Wow. I sit together when he finally realized that it's. No they I think they had been broken up for what the call undisclosed reasons aren't related reasons why Delhi why go did you do crazy comes out is the thing I'm sure she did something very rational right gap on how. How do you think he caught her ago. Real. We're I'm sure that the school probably has. Vulnerable. So they probably didn't keep British what are we seven outs. And this is why. We received back for me you know. I mean listen. Sometimes. Love makes you do crazy stop. This might be one of the craziest things I've ever heard. How old this girl was when all this happened it was like straight out of high school all. This was no way he had been in school fur like two years in college transfer to another school so was it when he 21 inch. My twenties so she have to pay him back all this money yeah he's never get that money. Any eaten at some point they'll just garnish her wage earth can't she just filed for bankruptcy. Penalty could bankrupt. Seeing yourself out of that I don't now I don't I. And they something. And my become a controversial. I think this girl's parents should be on the hook for have been some YX. And there's the third they self responsibility. Hey. Have to pay a large chunk of it obviously. Person does that this is not eight person. That's. Like hey ladies where she knew she was valued. She had a good moral compass. Like. So tiny dot dot somewhere along the way our. I'm gonna point something out. And don't get mad at me. It you're youngest daughter on a jury. President tendency to sometimes pop opted people that don't deserve to be popped off on let me and rain for and then yeah. You might very good parents. Although I did say I was right now that and trajectory of Audrey light. She's going to four bit on her future boyfriends college acceptance letters so that he will stay near her. But she and my she could. Be nearly bare. Ankiel saying. Hey I like this should you be. Looked that. Way I'll be honest probably. Why. Just you can marry. And my husband won't let me know what birds do that in the don't stop there are where you all here and I. Are. Great at what Adrian.