In Case You Missed It: Demi Lovato 7-25-18

Wednesday, July 25th


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Can she has. A scary days her Demi Lovato yesterday and I don't hear the wake up call we'd like to have fun we like to goof off food we like to be funny with each other but this is a little serious. Demi the motto. I was rushed to the hospital yesterday. After pair more at paramedics were reported to her house where she was found unconscious. Possibly suffering from an overdose and while she is just so the hospital and damn she is okay she's recovering. The speculation early on was that it was here. Then there's confirmed late last night that was not the case really I guess that yet he had the our sources confirmed last night dad. One of the people matters close to Demi Lovato. A released something that said. It's not heroin and it's something else they're not going to disclose what it is okay but they did put it out there saying that that is absolutely wasn't here. A Daniel motto actually had been sober for six years. And just this past march. Was her anniversary of her sobriety doll she put out a song called sober in June. Com which referred to her having a relapse. In some of the lyrics of the song work. On mom I'm so sorry I'm not sober anymore daddy please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor. In the end it's that I think for her in her fans is kind of a little bit of weird situation because she had been sober for so long. She put up this song in so now she's essentially letting people know like Kate IA I did the best they could. And now I've kind of stuff phone and to. The trap again I actually think. The fact that she did that and the fact that she's been so so open about her addictions and disease. I am. I think especially for her younger fans. I think that's a really good thing because she is. Putting out there and not trying to pretend. Like she has this perfect. Pop star life. I feel like she is such a good example. Of the fact that addiction is eight disease them because on the service. Demi Lovato has everything. She got everything going on for her. She's got my I mean she's insanely talented she's beautiful. Green did you not dozen have been Wilmer Valderrama anymore Kirk. But. She's still with all backs. Is relapse thing and I think that says a lot about the disease of addiction. I don't have I'm very lucky and I don't have and as far as I know. I had one addict in my Family Guy and he's not alive anymore. But besides that I don't have any living addicts in my family so I don't have a lot of experience with addiction but. I was addicted to cigarettes. And I mean they say that that it the chemical addiction to a cigarette. Is equated to it'd chemical addiction to heroin and stuff like that I know. That I can't even take one single pop right off of a cigarette or I will by pat I know I know I well I mellow by. And I mean you still every day when you get in your car chew gum yeah because it safe C based faith teeth. Naive canals can he kept it help seal AJ it's safe to say sheets. And help you with your smoking craving grab you haven't spoke for how. Oh my god. Twelve years twelve years of gas well. I still dream about it I still think about it every Tom armor around secondhand smoke it like I'm like all I know I constantly say it's around here oh my god that smells so bad it. Like the does it does feel so good so I I guess I know what kind of life Demi. I'm a caller Demi Moore debt Demi Lovato lives. On. But whatever she's doing like. A friend of I guess apparently she was out celebrating with friends earlier like somebody was having a birthday party and Hollywood. Just postings pictures from like clobber something. She needs to remove herself from that lifestyle. Keep 100%. Be it may be all right but keep in mind for six years she's Ben and that lifestyle and then okay. But it still. Crept back. So do remove yourself from those from a lifestyle remove yourself from from. Go and I think a feeling that really easy to say that as if that's going to. I think that's one of the things that they tell addicts. Every addict is different I don't I don't think you should say like all of you didn't go out the remaining wooden of. Nobody I mean I'm sure that it didn't make it easier. You know churn I don't EV I don't think situations making I harder or easier I think it's always hard. I saw this posted on missiles off twitters said some of the same people feeling bad and praying for Demi the motto right now. Have been calling the heroin addict in their hometown a junkie loser for the last three years even though that person wants to get better too. Keep the same energy across the board be their for people struggling. Why because it's a struggle every day I'm sure these people are waking up in like this is this is what they now like this is from what we need in their life. On but sometimes all it takes is just. Asking someone I think I have a problem or how how can I fix this that ought to do this anymore and Ole Ed that's. A lot of times the hardest part evident whole thing is just asking for help. And there are tons of resources out there that that people can call in and talked to and get information online on drug free dot org is it is a great website resource that. But sometimes just takes one person to listen and realize how serious citi's. Come in Nate before it gets to something like this now we say they haven't specified what the drug was they did have to use nor can which is. Dead the the drug that. Two to revive her to ring your backpack and a lot casually used for narcotic right so old even though they're not being super specific they have said it's not heroin. That was kind of blown out of proportion. On the she is in stable condition she is the hospital she is awake and she's she's young Kenneth. In a realizing what's going on but it definitely was super surprising yesterday especially when you know that a lot of people go through depression. And a lot of people have substance abuse issues in their. We'll find out until it's too late. You know we just had the anniversary. Of Chester from Lincoln Park grass the way and Chris Cornell I mean depression is a big thing and a lot of people choose to go to. I'm narcotics because it helps satisfy the depression right so. But it. Dry ice or somebody underwriters say am. You know it's nice to see everybody gets and her phrasing nice to see already giving Demi Lovato. So much loved but you should have more love and support for people that don't have the money in their resources. And it's like. Now you shouldn't. Nobody should get more or relax a major toll airing if they are suffering from a. Disease and that's. That's great. Now if you're someone that suffers from addiction or substance abuse in you feel like you have no help you don't know how to break out of this cycle you don't know how to break free. A from addiction. Drug free dot org is a great website can you be resources were 855. Drug free and called tall streak in you can talk to someone that would help you break out of this. These chains that you have wrapped around you with addiction drug free dot org or 855 drug for. 165 B and.