In Case You Missed It: Emotional Support Mini Horse 8-24-18

Friday, August 24th

In case you missed it, airlines are accepting mini horses as an emotional support animal that can come on the flight with you: 

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So you should take Henry on the plane all the time an island in the midwest UNICEF put him in a little carrier he goes under the sea front. He was still always super cool about it. Never any issues and there was even one time I was walking off the plane and a woman set I didn't even know how good there. You know. Super quiet doesn't cause any disruption with anybody ever pod that's rare absolutely at the very you'd you'd hear him breathing. Yeah IRA. Well I know a lot of airlines are now limiting it. The pets that you can bring on board. Because it seems like people are you know abusing the system they're claiming that everything's an emotional support. Absolutely. So now there being a little more strict about it they're saying listen if you have an emotional support in a mole it's one dog or one cat per person with a doctor's notes. And that's actually what Southwest Airlines and saying okay. Well they've now admitted. Well we have to kind of open that window a little bit to not just dog in not just to caps. So southwest's. A long way jetBlue and American Airlines have already done the same thing at. Are willing to accepts. A miniature horse on an airplane as in a more emotional support animal. I'm many whores and I'm mini horse you can bring you can now bring a mini horse. On an airport. To yell yeah. Now I'll we this is not the first time we've discussed many horses and now. I'll show. We were not Achilles Canadian I would not aware of many horses and fire back conversation their magnificent. It says it's close to even aimed a fairy I think that you don't. Agassi. If you don't believe that's Google Mini horse go to Google images and say good bye to your day. All our protest crowd prepared to take a nap because you were going to installs so much energy loving they do so many things. They Wear fun hats off they cuddle up with Katz's new they lay down balls they Wear clothes I mean the list goes on and on and where do you put a mini horse on an air playing great question Katie things yelled. Your feet. Underneath the scene from a B nutter now like get your feet so what you need to let today airline know ahead of time that you are in fact. Bringing bingo your mini horse on the airplane. In Indy won't keep you deceit that's right in front of either the do work okay they have extra leg room. I just Google image search staff and it's the place where they say like. You have to be X number of years and older to sit in that area and do you commit to saving the rest of the playing. It's if we should heed their emergency exit yes okay. All home. On god this emotional many horses wearing shoes OK yeah I think today and Tom this is going to be. This. Once again I'm gonna bring something up I understand that some people have dogs and those dogs where the best thing is don't let me I'm working. You get a free pack saw play. I've seen many dogs. And if I am told I cannot pay your dog. I'm all right with that I can live it's insane but but it is against my better nature is. If you have something that I've ever seen in person that I have only read about on the Internet yet in in fairy tales and you'd try to put a don't pat me I'm working vest on me I'm trying to send to my owners about to have a seizure or something like that. I even sorry but I don't care I'm gonna patent future wars it be you take a mini horse on a plate or anywhere right. And you put it cloak and something that says. No one can touch rice the owner of that mini bars can go to hell right here a monster Euro monster in fact in fact. Every person they get on and off the plane gets to give it a kiss yes and well. Yeah. Oh my god did you see go wars did I see the horse that is what peoples are gonna say as they all of my shoot. Put diapers on last. A now and witty ST and at the top cool outfit I guess I mean I'm never usually horse just who he judge who. I mean I'm never seen a mini Orson person. I have we arraignment. October Spain that's why we support that here's a. We like to bring out American Airlines actually has a rule in this with the rule says billions in animals with tusks warrants or clubs excluding miniature horses properly trained as servicing animals I've said this multiple times and it comes to rules. When Britain rules are posted somewhere. I wanna know the story on why this rule was created. That's like what had tusks right and you try and break a play right. Is every bit like guys we got to make rule about that is. I'm it seems like the number one thing that is a mini horse is used for service four is us seeing eye horse. Well and instead send funny for you to say I know nine or sell I'm not saying that's odd to be mean or for any other reason. Oh why would you want the horse instead of a dog. Why what. What is it about people why it's seems like you're doing it just the kind of standout. To be a hipster. Like in its basic pitch to get a seeing eye dog I want senile or worse. Cinema just but they but you couldn't I mean. I shouldn't if your blog you can't see that you compete. Just like ended ended you know you're doing the rest of the world of bait car well that's a good point scene. All right good people good people. I mean I support the exact line. 165 B and.