In Case You Missed It: Fat Shirt 9-14-18

Friday, September 14th

A clothing company called Revolve was lit on fire after pictures showed a sweatshirt they have for sale that says "being fat is not beautiful; it's an excuse"

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A fashion company called re involved. Is getting slammed. For putting in sweat shirts. Up on their web site to sell. And it says. Being fat is not beautiful. It's an excuse us. And this guy at a lot of people upset you can text the word top TOP. 73389. If you wanna see what it looks like. In this lecture is valued at. A 160. Dollars on their website. Well I sent a message on the front is what got people upset. Yeah I. And the way that can be like. Okay but some how funny it if it was being warned bile like. A big fat guy or something yeah. Idea. And using the word what would it be it's beautiful right being fat is not beautiful it's an excuse. Using the word beautiful. With the word app makes me like I have chills right now it makes my skin crawl. I think anybody to tell somebody else. A what is beautiful. It wants to say being overweight is unhealthy well there science to back that. Okay what that was on this lecture. I mean it's still seems like a real eighth hole fingerprints. It seemed like something gonna Jim would have on the wall at. Re how I I really badly some jams I know I made some jams. But to use the word beautiful. Is so. It full tank and a like I think we're all so really tiptoeing in July. So what is fat. Q. A lot of standards. I am that I'm way overweight if you checked that BMI chart. An old niece one. So. She so word is gonna be okay with that. Well on. I mean that's lectured to enjoy a beautiful. Mind I was on the what do I told you that there's more to the story and it actually makes it really funny. I would say I bet that's not. A stroke. And the full story so everybody just like just like you you're not alone. Everybody saw that Fletcher and was horrified and outraged and everybody commented on social media about it. And nobody bothered to click on the link and read any of the actual articles about it. But there's more the story and the story is that this had this came from a place of positive change. And it did in the way that it was part of the actual line. It's part of a collaboration. With five women with the worst troll quotes. The point was to shined a light on how horrible trawling. The proceeds benefit charity so basically what happened was the opposite. This picture of this lecture went up on and blue robe all whatever help that is. On bear web site early first some glitch she reason. By itself being warned by a very then right now some of the now what some of the the five women who were part of this this anti trolling anti bullying campaign they had a problem that they stuck it on like a slander model parent of a problem with that. But despite that though there was no headline there was no contact there was no nothing so people lost their minds when they saw I. Unlike a lot of people in the fashion industry like Cosmo I think like I immediately was all over it lets the other one lane Madonna. Was one of the people one of the five women. And that was supposed to be part of the yeah and hers had the line horrible result of modern feminism that's what hurts lectured said. Somebody named Snooki Waterhouse hurt said if you translated and ask onto a phase she'd have a better face. I carry Dell five had the line to bone need to be bone so it had their quotes. Well what a horrible things people have said Ted them. On social media but none. Matters anymore they're scraping local. Let's put the. It gets people so I got outraged. Didn't read any articles about. Yeah I wanna read it. I mean adolescents. Yeah it's article is how awful as are it is an advertisement for that sweatshirt so like yeah I get people wouldn't wanna. Yeah right I mean the headline for this article is being bad is not beautiful Fletcher in theory it's social media agents that dot dot dot but wait there's more where you can't. Haven't really care. You said that this story as a layer just missed ice and I didn't think it's true or not I was not. And die in. Iraq.