In Case You Missed It: Father's Day Card 6-18-18

Monday, June 18th

In case you missed it, Target was selling a Father's day card that was very controversial: 

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Location this day. They target store in Dallas Texas is catching fire and actually this resulted in target stores all over the country. Getting rid of he's greeting cards that went viral. Apparently it was a greeting card that was in the Father's Day section. And on the card in big pink purse of letters it says. Baby daddy. And apparently ain't. Don't know if you found that no offensive. It's really the most stuff flattering compliment to give me be the father of your child when you Colin BB daddy. Like to think that. If somebody was going to get back Carter for the father of their trial that you are in a situation where you are not alone. That he that's something he's cool with being called or ever. If people are fine with that. And and then to add more fuel to the fire not only does it say baby daddy on the front. But it has a picture of what looks like to be two African Americans on their personnel there's this racial stereo tape that's tied into it. Target is cut so much flak for it it pulled the cards off the shelves and a lot of people were really upset about it my question is. Is that. If if there are people that find a baby daddy offensive I think that's an offensive term McCracken. Rule. Now why do you think sensitive and I just think like you said like I was their court debt that's probably not like. Which is just beat up the father of my title or like baby daddy is what you say it when you're talking about somebody that got you pregnant right not necessarily your somebody that you're in a relationship let. But I do my baby's daddy. Implies that that is the only relationship you have with that person rice and I think there'd definitely definitely people they used that term and. And they aren't committed relationship but yes it does. Paint a picture of like. I I got blocked up by the S and the woman that actually put his bio release she even said like is this my only option. She said quote I don't view him as may BB daddy I would never column that. That's offensive to him and me. She steaming in the card section he knows that's not her own right now I. I am gonna preface this by saying that I am on the side of saying that yes this is offensive it probably shouldn't be on a card isn't bad form to sell something like that now. I'm at bat I had that being said. One thing that this woman did say right after the is this my only option. G-7. This is the only card I could find with two African American people on the outside of it to wait to ice today. I need don't think I have received a card with two Caucasian people on the outside of it. There are more cartoon characters represented on the outside of Father's Day cards. Then there are actual human beings often at the butterfly. Or a wig. Like that chew eat like. You going to see an African American couple and it's that baby daddy. The Mets red eye and and I agree with that but this this is this my only option. -- bothers Dick Clark that I bought my guy. It's just a picture appear. Why not have to help representation of what you look like. Does not nearer. And you have to do that I should. It's not what the sky. The a. See Matt lives that like it only. The African American Beauty is under represented in a lot of different things node only now I get the couple met that resembles me and my. Partner lawyers say that she probably saw. 22 African American head sticking out of the top of the card. That was that was the thing below that that it might Thursday if you like. Finally measured that up slowly she saw the words baby daddy and she was crushed. All I don't think those things happen but I think everything happens very dramatically in my had to I basically he is not ready yet appear. Care I care like if you wanna get a card. That had the picture of human beings from the outside go right ahead but don't get bent out of shape. And say is this my only option. When that card doesn't suit your knee like I hate taking that side of it because it is an offensive card. You are all over reacting to it I think. You've just taken it up to the Caribbean like really target you're gonna sell this in this kind of a pretty. Basically what she did little tweak well. She said like is this my only option. Like as an African American woman I have to choose this or nothing like Mo Udall. They hear something that I sent confusing to you and and Katie mentioned this earlier. Obviously we use the term baby daddy it's babies that's when you're in a direct relationship with but they are the father of your child. Inside of this specific card that we're talking about it says you're a wonderful husband and father. I'm so grateful to have you as my partner my friend and my baby daddy happy Father's Day yeah. Like maybe you would have its that you would have gotten past the cover. And opened it up you would have seen that maybe it did have. All funny hearing tension on the outside than what you're giving her credit for it just seems like we're so quick now to be outraged. You know. So easy all our us as a white people to say eat because we're not under represented. Our price and that I think that. At the white person I think that is the person right just like every batting ahead. And this and that throughout this attack against one group and all I know it's just a generalization. People on one slider clicked out. Outraged people on the other side a quick outrage at like. Stop. And pause for a second and think. Is there anything. That we can take overreacting to nineteen. You're probably right eight. Because they have ads several meltdowns over the fact that there's not a redhead but yeah so well boy I yeah. 106.