In Case You Missed It: Jennifer Lopez 7-23-18

Monday, July 23rd


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Case in this day it. They're sending trend starting I think at think there's just starting to be a new rush of bomb. As how to put this senate delicately. Time. Being okay to see your nipple through your clothes slides. Jennifer Lopez posted up on her is to Graham yesterday. After a post gym work out very nice picture of her and buried her body looks fantastic. Com. But in our top. I beams of light. Okay and you can see your you can see the outline of articles on anything this is starting to become a thing that no winner caring about this anymore. Like knowing that you concede through their shirts. Steve threw her shirt you could deceive the shape of her nipple bit the outline rights and some girls work out Arabs is the same for boy is. Come as a usually you're like lifting weights sometimes. It makes it more noticeable drilled. We were at the state fair on Friday endure I did notice a couple of women walking the rounds. Bats were wearing tops in you could see. On the outline well there OK they're nipple I I'm try to put this in most delicate way possible it's like they were not wearing a brought. If they weren't wearing a broadly they were going through the bra and it I don't know if they were were or weren't I'm not gonna still OK I'm just saying that like. Lace front bra which ideal. And sometimes. Mind Schaub writes and you guys summit pummel you around you can text the word of nip outcome and I'd be 873389. If you wanna see the pitcher of the we're talking about it and we just what this is this. Is okay are we getting to the point where like we don't really care any Reza citing. OK can I gave the purity and giggling and I have not. Worrying. Held she's supposed to do about that this. Maybe not the picture I mean she took itself free and it has three million likes on so obviously. Each nipple and she's like are really small sports bra. Leggings. And no shirt and the like. Some of her is shelling. And you're you're on the net all of the only thing that seems that sports bra that seemed too small for her day. On the why are you get it's just really funny to hear them talk about Naples yeah a big you talk about it in a way that's like. It's such an off I don't know like you shouldn't be he's saying Anderson I mean everybody has snap pulls right yeah. Have right so you can see them but also you could pretty much assumed that everybody as the net and oh yeah. Them as just like yeah that's how a human. Is not disagree. Not disagree with you at all what I'm saying is is that. It's degree and definitely is a very firm no nipple policy like you can see. Everything is like a day out we now getting to the point where it's totally cool like to be able to see them through. In the outline through shirts is this cool. Or choice. Of the person perhaps sometime yeah I don't post that the instant MI gassed but. Why should you post add to integrate and did you let me thing she's not are now dead. Picture we've just got to Texas 73 I saw them at the fair to I don't understand this look it's not attractive at all nothing going for attractiveness or not I'll miss. With 100% going bird try things and this picture guys. I mean have you seen this Rampage. It's quite Thursday. So. I actually agree with that point and is coming from a straight man who. Really has not been touched in a very long cannot give up that. Robert say that that Tom as titillating. There is no I did ten dead and I. I can see you're ripples through your shirt isn't. More times than not you not attractive look at the kid. Just sometimes making that. Sometimes yes we're not talking about the accidental pines were talking about the times were at the. A 100% intentional I like. I begged or did this picture was posted those war. Attractiveness. This wasn't that's been everything about this picture. It is full makeup at the gym that I mean this is wearing full make up at all the baggage she's looking in the mirror the fact that she is. And I needed does it just looks like a Jim self being right and what did you yourself beaten somebody who really want everybody does they'll look alliger. Below are part of her shop that's what we're talking about. Vanilla Taylor's job is anymore she was the children's with the singer now she's seems to be news to. Oh well I'll book regardless though do you find attractive as a straight man I do I find that picture. So we'll just like general look of like. Accidental not the accidental part but like what the person text and it's like it's just eight. No wonder I ain't right yeah greater oil I get. That's a great point let me let let we have an imagination anxious or just takes it in at 73 and ninety. Yeah lie I was cruise around the fair last night but the girls on that in quotes pulling. Couldn't have cared less you can take soared nip to 7339. If you wanna see the picture were talk maybe. Cost all that. Leave jail a lot of the halo what do our job is to be sexy and BJ okay. It's possible. That the girl walking your and the fair. And there you could see the highlight of their nipple. And it had enough and they don't care how you guys feel about yeah but that's not what we're talking about we're not talking about. Looks like how do you all that that person is doing it because they want. You deceive and Ogg you can tell. Would you see somebody get off splash mountain and it's not a cause they want everybody to appeal attracted to them. It's because they just got doused with Disney land water and today but then you see somebody though. At the gym walking in the I mean it's like we see you we we all CU pen yeah. Does say as a woman I will never understand why men who want to don't want to it's her well no. Well I guess before people start showing their Naples we need to wait on rain and Gavin to tell us that it's attractive. Then it's okay. Yeah. Conversation was started by a listener. They they do all we are now so that's her big game doesn't like you or liked the direction. Got a 165 B and.