In Case You Missed It: Justin Bieber Got Married 9-17-18

Monday, September 17th

In case you missed it, Justin Bieber got secretly married to Hailey Baldwin:

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You should this debt. Lots of rumors swirling over the weekend about Justin Bieber. Is she married is she not married is she married again really get married in the United States Willie get married in Canada. Insists no one really knows we Indian confirmation actually Intel over the weekend and win it turns out that. Justin Bieber and girlfriend Heatley bald win. Technically legally gotten married at a courthouse in New York City they didn't tell anybody they just did. And and that they decided you know I or technically not married because we wanna get married in front of all of our friends. And do it in front of god yeah okay. And he answered question Gavin yes Justin Bieber is officially Mary. Upon the Justin got his everywhere and you should know that you've got to cross is big is the one that Jesus was crucified on how about your tax. Second of all on the it doesn't matter if your friends are there. In the ice bowl Larry it's a blue. Not getting and not getting little YAM. They had a legal cut it sounds like they're actual like syrup Maloney is even. Like scheduled to happen right. I don't think they've decided on when the actual ceremony is okay I think they just random courthouse got it done to say that they got it done. And then they're gonna wait to have a big blow. Doesn't seem like. The kind of impulsive decision. That two people who've only been dating a short time would deal. A look at the record. Yearly thing gets sounds like. Haley pregnant. Yeah I. Did leave him. Occurred in V today OK and hold hold hold a to question and one. You're telling me that they about premarital facts well I only want to add it and 20. Do you think though that beaver would really give a damn I. Yeah venue and very. I think he won. It doesn't she. You could do this let's assume that they did OK but they quickly got married so that we wouldn't know. You know that they gotten pregnant before they got that would let born dumb. Do Mac. They don't mean like they did it so that people would now want. I think it's like they wanted to be he. Assuming she's pregnant it's the only scenario where this makes sense that you rushed to the courthouse to get married and even though you intend on having a big ceremony and doing the entire thing in front of everybody eat. I think it's more like Al we wanna be married when our kid comes in the world. Am I guess I don't well. I don't know I mean. Is that is that does that seem like the only one no. I mean it also seems like Derek crazy downs celebrities that do crazy dumb thing blue okay that put the Euro bought into it. Don't ever take marriage seriously you know like. Now of course of course that can be a possibility ditto. She did delete at tweaks on Friday. Where he lead Baldwin says she doesn't consider herself hitched but she said quote I understand where the speculation is coming from. But no I'm not married yet. All are you so they Burke your neck I listen. Occasional now. My god I'm gonna follow professional outfit she ends in the state of the state to California has recognized me. As the holy and well notable person Becky marry people in the city California town a well. Anybody could be that if they had fifty dollars in the an odd no it's furry still all com. Anyway the point being is I've been vetted and I've explained to not let it as much as you have an email I get. I haven't email address but I could explain to people though that like. If we signed your paperwork. On your rehearsal day. You are technically married low in fat per hour according to the state you are. Huge is whatever date you put down you can put down tomorrow is day out like. If somebody Cain. Let's daylight. Certainly from the state like kicked in the door down. I Europe are okay during the rehearsal that yeah. Right now right whether you walk down the aisle or not if you sign the paper court of law your merry. So. A Bieber Baldwin. Yeah. I knew him over. You married have we discuss what their name together is that it's a great question I have and it's pronounced I don't care. Doesn't blow hole or have anything to do with their names in the. I didn't even problems button. There's balled her B when. He and then it can drag his congratulations being added. Point 65 B and.