In Case You Missed It: Kayne's Controversial Song 8-14-18

Tuesday, August 14th

Kayne released a new song where he talks about how he wants to bang all four of his sister-in-laws:

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Location is dead. Do exist only on Kanye West guys. How your best friend. You do love Kanye I listen it's getting a lot harder to defend and it last is ready. Owner it's not it's been hard is doesn't kind of hard I love Kanye West's. The fan especially a lot of his early stuff jerk for. A little weird lately yeah you don't think Kanye West drop the song over the weekend called Ecstasy and a lot of people are. I don't really know to think Trenton upper great reason. There's a lot in the song that's causing a little bit of controversy. As a clipped. I'm more. OK. Got that yeah I did. Kanye West said that you have if you have six spots give a sister in law that you would smash I got four of them. There's more to either tie or else. Wow. Oh. OK so and. We didn't ask you a question look at Canadian navy's analyst major are extend it 73389. Save fuel the if you were husband. In just would like open in let's forget about the fact that like he would he's telling everyone in the world. But would just like tell people. That he really wants to have sex with your sister's. Okay how would that go over. In all honesty. I would prefer he put it rests on what China's sounds crazy she. Didn't Tim he made that a little less furious. Premium like with women moaning in the background. Sure her that you can't he is just like drunk at a barbecue and goes you learn how much dark I. You got a guy can't flat. A lot and boy oh boy I. Feet like maybe could take bits and yes a little. Baby. We had we had some people wake up call Esther is that put the sub yesterday asking answering question. And a lot of people think that he already had sex. At all really and a little. Eisner's. I mean I know I can tell them apart which deals of the law are little glowing so. She is pregnant probably. Probably didn't. Didn't I didn't write a okay seething Courtney. I don't know which one that is the smaller one. It needs them to get a show RPM like mark them with Blake had so I can't. Another thing that people pointed out 'til I'm old enough to beat two of their debts. Which is all I I. Perhaps flat there's a lot of that in Hollywood so that's true. Old Kylie just turned 21 minute and a big party of the week right kind he's almost forty right. Twitter a lot of fun with this is her. No brain when you think oh good. Food. And I patient porn all you couldn't put a little picture of Beers sounds so doctor about. No back and I ate in the big should be unkind way. I could take it that far. What do you think. On the as every day passes. I keep hoping that Kanye is gonna turn a corner because I'm like I think he did but it was the wrong why unit is the Ron Clark right yeah yeah. Lot of rain at. Single time we think that kind they had the low. Underground garage now pits you know I really don't get. That's why it becomes beer it too much harder for me to defend him. I would do that wouldn't be when Kanye would go on his re answering you know modems. Guys sit. I have some issues at home that we don't know about. Maybe as a public dismal there's he's got four other issues at home that then he's probably trended. Beat your house being 22 we think he's beaten this year. That's what a lot of his defenders or is that right he is saying this to get do you guys. Like that translates to you to be relevant. I meet the I don't know. Some people. The married Kim Kardashian he would ash the other guard ads at a lower half of course. Not. And she's seems he's getting. The very bad. Does someone who greeted yesterday you've got a sister in law you would smash question mark I got for a bump or. So. Yeah Atlantic.