In Case You Missed It: Mr. Markle 5-16-18

Wednesday, May 16th

Meghan Markle's dad is going to the royal wedding after all:


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Casey in this day. As ever weren't paying attention to what's happening when it. Megan mark calls dad. In the whole royal wedding drama that's going down for Saturday gas this is the only thing about the royal wedding that is awesome home she's okay cell we're trying to recap this the best we can because it literally changing by the hour. So Thomas Markel the dad of Megan Markel T dog. Which is gonna CT dodging real value and now I'm. He had a heart attack about a week ago is having chest pains and then decided to check himself into a hospital got a bunch of tests. And then have found out he needed surgery well. Before. Or after he checked himself into the hospital was like you know forget it. I still go to the wedding so as of Monday was not going to the wedding as of yesterday now going to Hawaii. Was gonna chickens are about hospital and fly over the ocean to go before the wedding on Saturday but he didn't act have a hard sacked he did. Now as of today no longer going to the wedding. And is that probably because he just had a heart attack probably. And you know it's because of the embarrassing photos I think is that till these photos. You can text royal. To 73389. To see some of these photos the user. Staged photos that Thomas mark goal wrote the paparazzi into taking heat and light he was being portrayed Ron white all or Roy hill's royal royal. I am to 7339. You'll be able to see this I hadn't. Just read this. I it is believed that guy Thomas mark Cole's son Thomas junior year. Who were notes to prince hairy discouraging. Him premiering Nagin Markel is quite sure her heart attack. Laughed half now I haven't heard that she's got some half siblings. That. Hey her. Get that they do not like her because they'd be they'd figure that after. Daddy Markel spent all this money on her to support her when she was trying to be an actress okay. On the she. Thanked him by never seen him never spending time with them and like apparently she was a bad daughter that's what they say hey at Wal-Mart let me. Mean she was busy you are sure he's a Deal or No Deal is not be okay yeah. Sun eighty. Shenanigans. That they on top again ever Dow added. You don't think it makes sense that maybe your family the bed of a mass and that's why she's stayed away here. Well even though is it's probably is sticky situation for media getting through all I know on the side of pop a Markel. 'cause he staged those photos. If you haven't taxed at royal yet to 7339. Watch it you look at these photos because the story or about. 36 hours was that these pictures are not staged. They couldn't be more staged. There's the picture of him. Longingly shot throw window looking at a picture of her and her and he and his future son in law on the Internet. Another picture Pam shot Irwindale inner restaurants reading a book about Britain. Like the pictures are. They staged at least aged well yeah unbelievable pictures yeah. Yeah and you didn't there is surveillance footage of him walking. In don't whip photographers. Still a place where. I guess you get free Internet that he wasn't getting it that is how us it's like gantlet of Starbucks like a gap right out our. Maybe can't get an hour and Canada's house. Eddie is had to do with the more public. Our sources found out that his daughter Samantha. Said that he received only 15100 dollars in payment plus a small percentage of the royalties for those photos. Well what only 15100 all Y easy is that like that makes it better. And he could add to that just putting it out there full disclosure after they originally had denied and you. I zero OK you're right but 15100 dollars I disclosure is saying there already know these dozen balls staged. Up front. As of right now he is not going to the wedding. Nolan will be walking Megan Markel down the aisle in the royal lady that's sad so sad. Had I mean I'll do it I'll throw my hat in the ring I mean even John C yesterday offered to walker now on the allocated someone. So weird. Haven't yet gotten nothing but crap on her about being a dealer or no deal girl and you lock you in my my my her holding. Let's k.s. And then. And then looking excited that opening a suitcase right then looking Aaron because. There is which might be getting you don't give her it. Credit where credit is due not only was she SE case girl. She was on CSI Miami then she was on as she was in a horrible bosses didn't she was on the TV series without a Trace right she was on the reboot of Knight Rider which eight people watched she was reboot of and I don't you know which nine people watch. Did she was a working she was a working actress being supported by her dad and our. All of the old tiny and love Megan Markel and I'll tell you why it has nothing to do that looks rain that you pig. It has everything to do with the fact that. Everybody's going crazy all good sad people who love royal weddings they're like isn't this wonderful it shows how progressive. The royal family is. She's he's marrying somebody who's mixed race he's married somebody whose odd divorced. Whose American whose club Bob they rat rat all all these things it's like well first of all it's actually sad that it's taken 28 team to dig get a mixed race person. And to this family but regardless Val. I love it because. When you marry an American. Who is divorced. His big and Hollywood for awhile. We're gonna ship all barred terrible baggage in June your royal. Life I don't know welcome to it. Guy who's trying to capital I is terrible relationship with a daughter. Not red white and blue I don't. Know what is and I don't mean the red white blue for a flag good I'm so glad you cleared that a bit. 165 B and.