In Case You Missed It: Museum Art 6-20-18

Wednesday, June 20th

A couple gets fined thousands of dollars when their 5 year old knocks down a piece of museum art. The Wake Up Call discusses what they would do. 

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Case you missed it. Deafening JD have kids I don't the picture yourself going into a museum for a wedding Wear wedding reception is being held. There and they are you looking to find parts. All of a sudden. Your five year old. Reaches up. On a platform. And knocks over a sculpture peace marks. And now. You were served with a bill of 132000. Dollars. My guy would you deal. I mean obviously. Fight obviously. It's happened I just outside Kansas City this couple with their five year old son using ends in Kansas City is actually bunch of death no. Yet decide they were there for a wedding a wedding reception and apparently there was a statute that was unsecured. And obviously this boy he was walking around looking exposed. And winds in wind up to touch it and it toppled over in fell on him and then hit the ground or not is he OK he's fine. Bytes. Obviously cause so much damage to this sculpture. At the museum went to the counting and the Tony said hey listen you gotta get a paying. And in 32000 dollars to fix Ortiz getting a winner to replace it or whatever it is OK I mean I think Myers is like me. Okay. And why and then you have a school sure your museum. That is. Our secure heard it. And fell on my child. Because. He attached to write an old one seems like a safety and how big this sculpture was. It's down. That's number one. Never CO OK it's not the parents went there with the intention of showing fine arts to their fight Euro. You're never wedding okay fine. If you. You have things that are that fragile what Terry Anderson in museum's general. Have a policy that like kids' letters certain age key command. Doesn't sound like. And started going to be like the people base of watch their kid batter. As a text messages there's an accent that's what did the insurance company said saying they were negligent for not monitoring their children and a mom even said my children are well supervised. But all people get distracted. And how difficult was it to knock this thing over our. People are saying well watch your kid don't have kits because it doesn't take long yeah. Your kids to see next to just go bing. She she even said it's an amino hallway I knocks a separate room they're still Plexiglas no protection it was not held down. There was no border around it wasn't even a sign that said do not touch. I can see how the that the family is like countersuing that amount for like not having something secure so normally. I would disagree with you. Does because I don't want you right now Obama but I agree with you late I think the people that are alike should watch your kid. Have one. I I guarantee you dull or if you do it's a baby Buckeyes. Having a five year old is like. Having an invisible poppy sometimes yeah we're a lot. You can't find it but you know what. If you get out. Really the next few if you're holding your kids and they still couldn't. Towns like cab knock this thing number. That argument that did call on top of that ever have a five year at a wide and I mean. Mean it's. That's. Craziness you basically feed it can't nothing but Jews. And stage. It. Then put on music. With a bunch of people that are dead at like idiots and I can't bigs. Calling it too would. Yeah well. Know right away and act golf ball all Diebler texting and saying that. How do you watch the video and I we have I'll let you know that you like okay. Died in those really there's a video and apparently this kid. Was just run around everywhere and are really long time and nobody Italy he was touch and everything and stuff like that. I mean if you've got. Wild kid that you have to it's one point -- like we are going to lead and raped you don't stay right here on the dance war you do does faced up like that. This time though how. A wedding reception at a museum. And allowing kids to go hide you're just asking for it something's gonna happen. This kid had still locked this thing over if he wasn't running around it Philip that's Rick I've really important thing to not live like. What he did he'd run in two feet. I don't think so a lot of people are saying that the island happened. Like he was touted sounds like think it was kind of like all over the place. I you know CNN any like he wasn't all over the place to the point where he I use the delegate jumble to him. So he was knocked it in just. I guess yeah. I argue would be welcome a five year old still have not this over if they were just. Walking around. Like I mean that's a good question if it's an art gallery and not a museum. They just have stuff sitting on like a square. It's like. Bob did it act. I have a lot of agreement I think that's couples should call me and I'd like to represent. I think that's the best smartest thing you've ever said what do I do my Coke out never ever. And I think that you should represented somebody in court of law yeah. And I can sit there and watch it. All but do you big crash amber just for that I mean the joke joke on the ground George RA Audrey. 165 B and.