In Case You Missed It: New iPhone 9-13-18

Thursday, September 13th

In case you missed it, Apple released the new iPhones:

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Yesterday apple announced their new iPhone is also to go for Christmas time they announced three new phones. The iPhone X asks the XS. Max in the explore. And is to be most expensive iphones that they put out to date. This really was. Everyone missed it kind of a thing because there's so much like hurricane coverage on app yesterday. And I didn't even realize it apple still have their announcement. I feel like the apple announcements. They are sure all along and even people like bullet point like what the new phones are gonna do you in going to be eat. It's so much like tacked talk right I don't know what any of that well that's why we ask Kevin to do it because. I mean. Talk aria Aaron that's not really tech talk key. What. Let's remind wake up call listeners that when the iPhone ten came out last year intern Kevin thought it would be a brilliant I means not only by one yeah buddy bought too bright and hoping that he can flip the other one and make some money off for me it is I did they are gonna be so popular. And you did you sold it for you but for how much. I forgot but I made 200 dollars off of the cell you bought it for a thousand dollars and then use sold at soundly 12100 dollars. So Smart instead of paying it off what his credit cards right he spent all the money on yeah. Don't know that nobody told us told the house had the right time I ever and we have you explain how like while the cause of that decision you're now. Weigh in debt eminent bigger on now of course you are okay well is that why you cannot and purchase the new iPhone now I can always open a new credit card that they need as my mom said FCC's new iPhone on the filed now she's just gonna cut me off completely and I need to found so. But analysts say they'll get moment and all right. Not know why we have all year low hit the Pentagon but. Now. Wind is what I do you gonna are not now. On the. Towel or go see saw the key now seed to exit the don't think about it and I so what do you EC said I know you're gonna try to get the new I've done is he getting your well how far that. I their vote. I sent her to ask Jeff yeah. I don't dinner 24 year old man and your mom adds the Italian oh OK don't is the view on why do you want this guy these new iPhone so much more than the one you just bought last year because the height immediately well can you tell us about the announcement. Are. Ascent acts acts Max. They have a new camera. Better Retina Display screen. Out the camera how the true depth. High definition to let. Which makes it like when you take a portrait picture you can like blur out the back depending on how far away you want the black to be Blair making a more important is saying. Is that you can make pictures seem almost 3-D now they. Look as you can adjust. Tall dark and how blur you want the background again which will make that the focus of the day. That's dealt ot sell ads I. 812 step which makes up process seems fast there how. Big load fast there works more smoothly thank you all have an eclipse that while you'll probably have glitches but not as much. And it's much fast have battery life. The battery eyes as much longer OK but if you don't charge it. Went -- to wait solid hits like low battery that charges if you charge at a high battery it's. I can't be honest beavers again I have an idea. You know Howell. If if Kimmel would she get any life and you know how the I urban legend is anytime iPhone announces new iphones are coming out. People with current iphones gay glitzy. Many start running slower in the batteries and charging. What if there with what ES you to hold your mom Kim now all of a sudden your own who's getting what she. You wording you're out receiving it Ebert text messages. She's telling you that you need to be home at 6 o'clock did you show opening like mob I think it's. Expensive to us was stopped by the store and get you to butter and jelly stuff. What if you use that as your package. And in the Kenya than you might be able to get info see I thought about that that was my excuse to why I found the Gao rain I. I'll kill got a daughter. Seven this. Do you I don't know. And do make you wish it debt request. Oh. I'll probably make my own argument that reality video it's what does that even mean saw it how. How argument that reality but is specific. Date is that you can pick I wanna make my own lack I want likened dinosaur appear on no evidence makes it cut that knocked out dinosaur. Superhero flight there and meat dress that's a big block yet. It just punched the dinosaur. And dot rule while. Right now it's just dinosaurs. In the face god. I will write I mean every penny NIC what are way lower than the anti that it works OK okay. The camera got to meet and I'd like to leave the DS LR Eddie marlin you haven't I found ex pats as I say and not and what. The size six and have been cheeses is how big the big one is now is that Max that's the street and it's. They've got to happen is Iranians. I don't know what my hands and that they found that you have right now. Like this eyes and I like our galaxy though it's bigger than a galaxy. I forgot you don't know Alex.