In Case You Missed It: Peter Rabbit 2-13-18

Tuesday, February 13th

The Wake Up Call discusses why parents are boycotting the new Peter Rabbit movie.


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Backlash is happening now with these filmmakers at the new Peter Rabbit moving. Apparently. The studios apologizing. About using a food allergy as a weapon. In the movie and so I don't think over the weekend it made 25 million bucks disappointing but there's a scene. Where mr. McGregor right. As a severe allergy. To blew up blackberries. Well apparently the rabbits. Fling at black berries at him and he's forced to use an epi pen and then and now apparent surge super upset about the. Us so I saw this movie never once did that seem occurred to me as being insensitive but after about this. I can see yes this is insensitive and I and I'll I'll totally met like. This is it was me having lack of perspective especially since that story was in the news not too long ago. About all the girls who used doll why alone pineapple I energy and ship to gorloks yeah. Hot stuff from the and they weaponized her allergy to try to delay get her back and stuff like that so that never occurred to me but what is funny about this though is. That's not the only way the rabbits try to kill our McGregor. Yeah. Yeah. Good tempered cat in my under it by Abe remembering he. Is tried to kill them through another Deborah very violent way it. Aren't you. Like electric. Electrocuted them they try to get him in like a bear trap one boy. On the day they'd definitely tried to again I'm abandoned in the fiftieth thumb like get a lot of the movie or it's just like. I see your point. Were stuffed bell to split us there really be equal in big two point. I love the movies really funny really great. But there is a Bordeaux or your watch movie deal like it Ravitz could figure out how to shoot a gun yeah they would shoot. Our prayer at. The charity group is Todd kids with food allergies plus a warning about the scene on its FaceBook page on Friday. Prompting some on Twitter to start using the hash tag boycott Peter Rabbit hole or Calgary bad. Started by the McGregor is shining so far. I mean did people like texting and things like people are getting way too sensitive soft sounds like. Think that that isn't really enter movie for kids and it does kind of teach kids like. Carl killed and it's OK okay if you had to okay weaponized somebody's allergy and don't want that at in. Holes. I think at like. It's is our kid like that honesty from I can't I don't think brown. Those kids can get their hands on bear trap. Eddie of the goods and can I ask so you can't they PS where you live talk to pry you know OK how are. I meet the issue and it's a really really easy to just. Word coming from like gets you even hardly need any outside help. You already have everything you need your pain insured right now to really harms somebody maybe that's what evidence. I think that's that that's that's a good point I mean reworking. Electricity so that when somebody reaches for doorknob they got blasted fifty yard get all the law. Don't like it more difficult. I don't image so you say like God's heart to open and bear trap I mean almost a great example mean Joseph McAllister was like nine years old any. He grabbed. Hey. Barbecue. Heater on a door mom I'll put his toll now there what do. Ben somebody on the news if home alone did come out and played team not to like you do what this person send but I mean they're kind of right of home alone would have come out now there would have been to me on the news crying because like. Why on pull. Slipped on micro me. I broke his bat my. The street because they're. Out and stuff like this and didn't. And I. Went 65 B and.