In Case you Missed It: Royal Wedding 5-21-18

Monday, May 21st

The Wake Up Call talk about their feelings and reactions towards the Royal Wedding.

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Case you missed it. On Saturday it was the royal wedding. That was broadcast here at 5 in the morning. Which I I was live I don't legacy of your dedicated enough to be on the West Coast and watch it live with 5 AM. Dedication. But ever wonders does super excited about the whole thing it seemed like. As people we're getting as we were getting closer and closer to the ceremonies. As you know in the weeks days leading up to it people kind of shrug your shoulders and go okay cool but then that it happened. And then that we're royal wedding yeah. And it didn't create day got carried away to conquer hires are often have to plan. Get that job. Are you British yes. Real well I did everything here well I don't know and so are our Narnia. I got the other ring a bell. I'm. I. Lake. All like it's kind of like. DD pick and make quite a mega Markel but like I can't public appreciated certain things that she did like to assemble draft GAAP and she walked halfway down the aisle by herself to signify a women's independence which probably. Full lips and those royals a four out of four awake but. I did have thought though. Meg Marcos first husband's doing today. Oh yeah. Caller yeah. A whole lot of like him going like. My friend our ally a lot of his friends has earned him just going like little thing. Going really well for me right now yeah hard does like good luck carrying. Bitch hey it was as a star studded list of everyone who attended to including. Including George Clooney all I saw Amal looked. Incredible and every line don't make me say nice things about her but she looked good and everyone on Twitter made the same joke. Looks like George Clooney's plotting a heist during the wedding it's the next ocean's eleven. Anonymous they say that every single thing he goes through it does suit her her permitting the tea cup and dumbed down. Listen I it is season and now I have two minute cute things. I wasn't all that Joost about the royal wedding. And then it started happening. And I him so. Mad at the make it more bit of bad habits are bad because. Well my. There's little. What happened is really did that why I hope we. Haven't started doing that wedding. Bull and re married. So we're pleased so I guess can Wear fun hats. Yeah they may cut the fuel why slow to get sure. Oh oh yeah it's like a mini parade I'll wait we just did this like not that many years ago. He had earlier during that seemed better. Oh this'll was way better you know why 'cause there's a little bit of America and now let me know. It out massive difference like the other thing that like it totally took over the Internet. Was. Guy who gave the sermon has been bishop Michael Curry he gave. You no doubt super emotional speech or like it was all about lob. Like Blair said just a little clip this out. T ever captured. The energy of it will be the second time in history. That we have discovered. Doctor King was right. We miss discovery. The redemptive power of love. And when we do that. We will make of this old world. A new. You Lemaire. Yet he tomorrow you know the merit and he's black like he had so much energy he was speaking from the heart it's not like he was speaking off the cuff. He would like this speech we needed at the world to acting here right now are all about like. We need to love each other no matter what it like it was a great speech while watching the British people react to it as if like. Why have always stepped in to hear it like this guy is still animated for their schools are like. Yeah I can attack producer gave what did you think it. I think we need a noncore well we do wish I V I got excited about it unlike Thursday. It happened on Saturday. And I feel like I'd I'm with Katie I didn't get enough time set. To appreciate. That they'll hold the lead up it's kind of like having Christmas but you didn't have the month. It's a debt to me it was just Christmas. Like. Well I now so I'm pretty upset but. Did you wait for Charlotte to get married switch from Charlotte. Have a daughter and little girls gone skis and my oh my god it's that's going to be used it to like six yeah. The exempt humanity while he did point a game we try to shatter up with someone not degrade any early and get a are their ice time yeah it's okay. Or can we get it does Brett parent. I'm with me I would love some British money becoming like them you can be the messy family. I. Are like yeah you're out big about the DMZ pictures I could sneak.