In Case You Missed It: Seeing-Eye Mini Horse

Tuesday, March 20th

In case you missed it, the Wake Up Call discuss about a seeing-eye mini horse:


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Should this day it's the stories on. 23 year old guy in England. Has a deep janitor is doing Janet to you Daryn there yup. I can nation series legally blind. Any key music guide dog because he is a fear of dogs well all so instead Evan dogged. He figured out a way to get his own personal. I hate seeing. Many horse. Not a full size horse. And mini horse seeing eye mini war. Right. Obviously. It's great that they are other animals that can't assist him if he's president. True it does seem like it's really hard to do that's kind of like you're gonna get our ride her friend and you gotta put your horse in the back you think of how many animal they skipped over right that are seeing eye animals that both before they got to many more meaning horse yeah a pony not a party. This is a mini horse now they have the horse his name is DB. And the Philippines announced just a little over two feet tall and he's able to do things around the house just like seeing eye dogs came here as a follow. Seeing eye dogs can assure phone now I know they can do what you're seeing eye dog bill I guess I monkey they can I got blown. Yeah I mean maybe anything can be and they got clapped when I'm funny. The horse is not a poet now it is the it is being miniature horse now. He's still being trained eye can see a scene IA. Mini horse I just done here in the US it's going to be couple more years before the guy from England gets caught why. God. 88. And any more earth OK. All all of the word going a lot. Yeah. I'm sure I'll show you a day I show. Up. And you're like it's gonna change her nipple and you're gonna be good numbers aren't ready that's. Many wars. Why. Yeah a little got deep it and yeah. I. We get. The and did you. Did what are the. Okay we'll say god gave you I will say that this is perfect for this guy in England because he's always loved horses. A lot of empty promise. If I. Yeah. Me he loves many awarded. How did he not only a lot of. What and yeah another benefit this is that many horses live longer than dogs they can live up to fifty years old. Any tool that's why yeah. Obviously be able to deal worth it but I really don't go there aren't many horse and how did I can't think I got it. It. Anyone that you baby ones oh my god. Oh my god PG a party tiny. And went in the tiny tiny thing the Oakland all league. Com home. Line. Well all of and McClellan they knew or else maybe it's bigger than a baby. And give you something else. Else may be many are a big. That many horse riding in a car pulled on your New York. Yeah he did. Writing and car try. And retain OK okay it's like are so many many hours. I thought I. Yeah. I'm OK right does seem so we're looking at again Sharaud. A horse. And then it got a little lay gets. Paid. Pets so kinda big I argued saying it's a horse but it's mini. Right. Mini horse party iGoogle that that Zambrano okay.