In Case You Missed It: Southwest 4-19-18

Thursday, April 19th


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Patient as. How crazy is this story about the southwest flights that had to make the emergency landing in Philadelphia earlier in the week because one of its intentions it's bloated it exploded. Mix for us EI so I have wrote when my best friend in the world is quite a send him. And that she was explaining to me how something like that's. Not only happens but all of the things that should have happened prior to this happening to prevent text them. And it is not yeah. So this flight selfless flight thirteen eighty left LaGuardia on it's way to Dallas. In had to perform an emergency landing in Philadelphia. Almost an hour after it took off. And wide. On passengers on the fighter seeing what sounded like an explosion. Evil one quote said. Hi it's not on fire. The part of it is missing we have the actual ought yelled from the pilot Temi Joseph Schultz who is being praised on how cool. She acted dirt during the entire thing. And that he medical data miraculously come. Sick sick. Don't think composite I think that it's important point out. That's her voice at the very beginning of may cool as a cucumber. As she's plummeting into the earth. As somebody almost got sucked out of the plane. Is part of playing is. Now. Easy and beautiful. Medical need there apparently we've gotten. It. You passenger UK and are you major airplane cynically gunfire. And we got a fire that part of it that. They had their power. Went out. On a series had a little somebody went out. I'll. Guys for the help I have to go to not kill any more my passengers. Why she said. With the venom. Call miss of a mother waiting to pick her kids up from iTunes yeah (%expletive) yeah I had better. That is exactly what I want in my pilot like I love hearing the stories out there and and trust me it is. Awful and tragic that almighty god died Tom and the ways and the way she Diallo an awful and the fact that she apparently was was that. Incredible learning that person in the world but I'm hearing the surviving passengers talk about that the pilot Jimmy Joseph Schultz on. Maybe like yes yes that is what I want I hate it when I'm on a flight and there's turbulence that seemed a little too turbulent. And I hear nothing from the island yeah like that freaks me out a little bit like I we'd look to flight attendants like a done deal right. I look at the flight attendants and if they're just like still chitty chat it up or four and still read the book on white black they're not there are freaking out but apparently the flight attendants were like screaming as hard as like the passengers wore a light out but that's thinking that not only did they work don't know. Hearing were saying the flight attendants were were like just as panicked as everybody out. But they weren't losing like all of their training. And it that is YE. More people did not get sucked out of the plane. My Bebop I put the pilot though. Came on and she was like the one that all the passengers thing like. The only reason why like I was pretty sure we were gonna die it was because of that pilot whom. How crazy. And you are you're bringing up the fact that it was like in any time that there is turbulence. And some ads it's really rough especially having lived in Reno when you come over the mountains a bat so well I'm been actually sick. Like because I get motion sickness obsolete and the bouncing and the plane up and down and of course like when there's really bad Tripoli and there are always. Sometimes they're cool about it if they even tell you. Sometimes it's just like. It's so it's so second nature to that my. I am one of the things that that my friend is telling me that the flight attendant was. Like when that accident seat belt sign goes off. What that really means is that. Absolutely need to know you can't get up at your CD can seek help got otherwise you don't see Obama will time the woman to never see. That's why she was able to be ice ice also that the plane plummeted 20000 feet five minutes moment I could you imagine doing that wouldn't use it plummeted that that captain brought it down right yeah Abbott she brought it down back OK and a sharp angle OC dead and he she had to had to land the plane. Why didn't know. I thought it would like gold from Ike. Belly down. Yeah. I don't know I had other bats. Yeah. I didn't mean. There's pictures and video that are starting to come out now on the Internet of like what it was like on that plane. And like one of the things that they're winning out of like most of the passengers had their oxygen masks on incorrectly. Yeah its coverage of their mouths and now they're note and then it's like I did I don't opera because of the it isn't completely row under what they do tell you at the beginning of the flight. She is so small well let's be honest no one pays attention and do in the hole well now well. Lot of people are saying like. Just because I didn't have to tell you. They tell you things that could quite literally save your life all those we are talking about a southwest flight. We are at the very least it's all we're all. Skit terrified to fly. Can. CB demonstration. It let's take down a little bit more seriously maybe not make it all chuckles yes trigger and saw here. And vigor that does not wrapping it. Well I think do that to make people pay attention we were just laughing. And that's 100%. For you know. Like maybe we should all have to take a test before you leave I got. Does oxygen mask cover your nose or your mouth or both of you don't like both you'll get the fly it and you scan Tron as you're getting on a nasty castle well. Ticket threat well you can't have a pencil on a flight that Easter that was taken line. Is that the dual blunt I guess thanks a lot every about it and a tough 165 BN.