In Case You Missed It: Tristan Thompson 4-16-18

Monday, April 16th

The Wake Up Call talks about how Tristian Thompson's IG has been invaded by people posting "I hope.." comments. 


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Jason this. Well I'm calling trashy news at a very eventful last few days. Our sources broke the story that. Chloe Kardashian in as baby daddy and I guess boyfriend. I was fiance beyond hey Tristan Thompson he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Was busted over the weekend in New York City. I'll bust some footage of him making out with a woman in a nightclub. And then at that date that story broke. Chloe cart bashing in started having contractions. Went into labor with their daughter. So it's been a very eventful. Last few days in the current national and are alarmed she ends. I mean she had the baby. Yeah yeah I'd just I think it just broke late yesterday or this morning that yet they had a baby girl. I'd like well. Would see. She's having early contraction is yes to gain. All beating the baby's not quite here yet I believe she's still in the hospital OK okay wow that's scary. So for those people that didn't see the video. Here. So all. She. And go see about how other women. Bringing girls to his hotel room. It makes me wonder her. As he got cut or doesn't. He just not. On the war can. Go back to some things sure. They're beginning this shocking to everybody I am not up on my cart bashing him I don't. I thought they were an item who V studio while we eat and just trust in guy they will there seems to be. Re not even sure if he's her boyfriend. You're saying that there are barely aren't they are definitely he Ariza got an earlier Willie you live in Cleveland now so they are absolutely relationship. Do they live together. OK I didn't know that yeah. Yeah I can't sell. There's that video all of tantamount. Kid sings some rain and snow at a nightclub. The end of what are the girls put our hands in his crime rates. And he's putting his fate another girls bloom is right and then there's video of him IBM in New York walking in June. His hotel. Girl. Even wanna do the thirty feet wet right right yeah so and so my question. Actually think he's got. I mean clearly he doesn't care. Yadda I don't need to care thing I I like do you think it's a candy I think he just doesn't care I think that you know allow. Aid Saddam and do whatever I want to Kennedy ego maniac of a professional athlete like Hannity or whatever I want to really. The car dash she and it's different. You have even more eyes on you because you with the card ashy and Maine you're gonna get even more he. For everybody loves her that she totally. Does. Ending up there everything that I've seen on the Internet has been everybody Katie on him like he got booed at the game that's all that I yield on the how come nobody's going after these. Girls go all blend of people they are happy. I'm one girls in agreement count and there was not hey wasn't raining and really. I always the end I ain't. Like. He care about his relationship more than he cares about his relationship. Cell they clearly just he being. Aimed at my prospective relationship that he. Let's say this washes and of guilt wreck but those girls. Probably I mean that they know who he is which clearly they did O. I'll I mean they must know that he has a pregnant girlfriend. I mean that makes them terrible people are. Okay good. The nature of the world caught upland. Problem expert who terrible all the monsters are you act or. Was she the one with the Lamar Alomar. OK and he went crazy and a brothel in Vegas he went on a big year. The bright yellow no. No it was Fred spongy and and I don't think that lists anything she T oh my god somebody disconnected that thin. All bird to be true but we also right at this moment Tristan Thompson what he. Chloe card ashy and had up pregnant girlfriend really. And cheap and that I'm guessing the growth Texans and followed that up where she had come OK here's. The real that is karma here's the thing he wasn't in a relationship with the girl that he got pregnant so he. Ten times worse. What the guy who's got a baby on the way. Are terrible. Relationship or not. Hi. How well Bob wait this Al until you become eventually did dad and because before you like. A lot going on right now OK so here's my and how they like that. The deeper we just plummeted OK here's the first of all I get the card actually in world is so confusing. I'm not I mean to terrible dark world terrible. I got. The impression that the baby is already bullhorn when they started started dating. And that he had like a couple of them but better but he had like a one month poll. That's what I hear that. Much. Not much better. You know how you're right she was pregnant okay well it just felt feel no sympathy for clothes are now. We did go bad for her I mean if this isn't karma I don't know what harm it it's. Literally the same things happening BO. Listen it. She still gets secret ash again I think after this she should probably find yourself a nice. Lawyer or like. A garbage man or you know it is any thing other than a professional basketball player and it's not working out it's not working out club club. Corp.