In Case You Missed It: Twin Marriage 8-7-18

Tuesday, August 7th

In case you missed it, twin sisters always dreamed twin brothers and it finally happened! 

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Case in this day yeah. Check this story out. Britney and Arianna dreamed. Of marrying identical twin Brothers. As the twins. Then slams they're they're twins and they had always dreamed about Miree identical twin Brothers. What happened liver or not Britney and Rihanna found Josh and Jeremy. And had eight. Wedding at the 2018 twins day festival in Ohio where they first met a year ago. And they called the ceremony. Twice upon a time grow one. They describe the ceremony as a double fairy tale. He ending they even said they went on to say that we knew the chances were incredibly. Small of trying to find. To another pair of twins to Mary to other people. Of of identical twins to be near yeah. Well nothing and they did everything with it twice everything at their wedding at this too. Wind festival. Good is it to win festival. There's part of me that wants to on on a purely. Moral level believe that the twin festival. Is a festival to celebrate the Minnesota Twins OK it's not right and it is not a festival that better size is twenty. Okay and also the fact they didn't call it twin con pisses me. But anyway I digress what they went on to say that they've always been. So deep in twins subculture they always stressed alike. They did double dating even considered that sells quote to have visible hole. Oh my god to these trends likens adults. Why actually in the way they did a wedding day at the exact same address. In the ending married identical to a yeah okay I am so many questions. First at all. Do you think that they ever get confused about who's husband is him or who's white is out probably not today numbered cheerio. In the will their kids look exactly the same probably. I know I know to the twins. A twin to between the I don't blame a guy and they married demand that are not related to look very similar day and all their kids I think look the same boys and girls so imagine if they were identical married two identical trend they're basically going to be interchangeable. Interchangeable and being analyzed the out. OK next question what they have fun swapping stood. Up. I would be to give back that's. It you and your twins. Insist on marrying twins. He really just when Mary your own plan. If cock why. Is this just a way aid to insurer. That they can just. Be together their whole lives because that's what they really want but like society says they have to get married because like it the twin Brothers are always together. Then the twin sisters are always together all its latest solidified that like. We will always. Be a very tight knit the little thing and Anna and like my sister's never gonna go on vacation with her I am only without an Alley you're saying probably not it probably makes up. Probably but actually that's not even that weird to think. I people that have like dated and married. Relatives. Or friends of like their spouse. Like that and it also ensure that. That is the least troubling I think of this story OK I think that these people like let's. Aids chill it's too much. Other fetish at this point every mall I couldn't agree more this is anything outside of twins. Then on people would be like OK you've taken your obsession. Of furries too far or something. Like that like whatever it is yeah like let's see your brilliant quilting and you're like I'm really into quilting and my husband has to really be in the quill pen on our wedding day I am aware. Little did gallon right and we have we were getting married at Qualcomm and and Al all this stuff at some point somebody who loves you needs to step in and say hey I'm not saying take your knitting needles away. Aptly enough the knocked and we need that we need to take Leon I'll always throw him. Rihanna too that and we need Britney Britney and say like you guys have got to spend at least a little bit of time apart. I know OK but I. Think at this what are the thoughts writes that you have Britney embryonic that would like we're only get a Mary twins and Allison they need Josh and Jeremy which they met at the twins festival right which Rihanna and Britney have attended for years but Josh and Jeremy went on the final date and they met. Now with the aid the odds of that. Astronomical OK I mean it twit Condit out well. BE. This is part of a TLC show. Our air and all and he'll lie 'cause it's the Learning Channel. So whoever you I'll learn that so many people by the way have texted and and said that their children will be genetically siblings. All what do you now and genetically. Zealots way identical twins it's from the same egg that splits. And it's the same with the guys. So even though it is another human being wow you're genetically the same person almost if I'm understanding this text and I'm not understanding this. So if it's meat and my twin Mary you in your twin and then we separately have children. We have created genetic siblings not cousins we've created genetic siblings. They're playing god here and I think that at this point we should rise up as the country and tell them now you don't they get this point we should watch TLC match. Yeah. I don't know why GOP. At its terror alert 600 palpable wave format but another show I don't know. That's is the terrible network. Nothing more than the new circuits freak show okay except for our ninety Dave.